New York Festivals Announces NYF Health Awards Open for Entries

New York Festivals, NYF Health Awards

New York Festivals announces NYF Health Awards open for entries

NEW YORK, NY – October 17, 2022 – The New York Festivals NYF Health Awards is open for entries.

The newly launched NYF Health Awards will continue New York Festivals long history of celebrating excellence in Healthcare, Wellness, and Pharmaceutical advertising.

NYF Health unveils a roster of significantly updated competition categories that mirror the current trends within the healthcare advertising industry. For 2023, newly created category groups will shine the spotlight on future-driven work created for both Health and Pharma clients. The newly launched “Future Now” Category Groups will honor break-through innovation in the following categories: altered reality, best innovation, decentralized tech, and generative creative.

NYF Health will unveil two new awards for 2023. The New York City Award will honor advertising that captures the cutting-edge vibe of New York City, and The Global Award will celebrate innovative ground-breaking work that has ran in at least 6 different international markets and epitomizes the legacy of work awarded in NYF Health’s predecessor, the Global Awards.

Scott Rose, Executive Director for NYF’s Advertising Awards is at the forefront of NYF Health as the newly rebranded competition’s Executive Director. With support from Ogilvy Health New York’s Chief Creative Officer Adam Hessel, NYF Health was created to award exceptional work designed to drive results and engage consumers, patients, and HCPs on behalf of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical brands.

“The first thing we looked at was the name NYF Global Awards. Anyone reading “New York” in the name is acutely aware of the panache it brings so it made sense to leave the Global Awards part behind and re-brand with the existing equity of New York Festivals, while adding Health. I have always seen the NYF’s as one of the big players. Using the equity of the NYF name for the Healthcare & Pharma show will help make the brand that much stronger.” —Adam Hessel, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Health

“Adam’s creative and strategic approach to the healthcare industry provided valuable insights,” said Scott Rose, Executive Director, NYF Health. “We’re poised to honor leading-edge work that reflects the exhilarating state of Healthcare and Pharmaceutical advertising and marketing today.”

“When you consider all creative output with that lens, it increases the potential for us to grow together. Supporting the really wonderful Healthcare & Pharma work out there means more great creative work to come in the future and NYF is a part of that,” stated Adam.

Hessel will also lend his world-class reputation and industry perspective to the NYF Health Jury. As Executive Jury President, he will provide the newly rebranded competition’s juries with award-winning creative trailblazers working in healthcare advertising today.

“This will ensure we maintain the highest standards and celebrate not just the best of the best work today but will also set the bar for how future creative work will be evaluated,” said Adam.

All entries into NYF Health will be judged by an international online Grand Jury and the in person Executive Jury. Both juries will be populated by award-winning industry experts and thought leaders from around the globe.

NYF Health will soon announce the NYF Health DE&I Advisory Board. This panel of healthcare marketing and advertising leaders will guide the competition efforts to bring diversity, equity, and inclusion to all facets of NYF Health’s juries and initiatives. The Advisory Board will support and ensure that DE&I work from agencies around the globe is recognized and rewarded.

For more information on the 2023 NYF Health competition’s rules and regulations and complete category roster, visit: HERE. View the NYF Health Awards Open for Entries video: HERE.

The final deadline to enter the 2023 NYF Health Awards is March 3, 2023.

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