Novartis is teaming up with celebrity interior designer Nate Berkus to launch My Home in Sight, a program that aims to raise awareness of the daily impact of wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) and empower those living with wet AMD and their caregivers to make simple, functional changes to support safety and independence at home. Berkus’ late grandmother suffered from changing vision due to macular degeneration, so he understands the impact of vision loss and the need for resources and tools for those living with this eye disease.

Nate Berkus is a celebrity interior designer and grandson of a wet AMD patient.

AMD is the leading cause of blindness worldwide and a rapidly growing public health concern for people over the age of 65, with the majority of blindness in these cases due to wet AMD – the most severe form of the condition. As the disease progresses, people with wet AMD may experience loss of central vision, resulting in an inability to read, drive or navigate one’s own home, which may lead to a loss of independence.

“My job as an interior designer has always been to help people live well in their homes, whether it’s a client, a home makeover on television, or my own grandmother, who was affected by changing vision from macular degeneration,” Berkus says. “The My Home in Sight program is an invaluable resource as it empowers people through five key principles and their design choices to continue to live safely and independently in their homes.”

Nate Berkus is working with Novartis on My Home in Sight, a program that helps wet AMD patients and caregivers to make simple, functional changes to support safety and independence at home.

My Home in Sight offers a comprehensive guide with room-by-room design ideas that can be used by patients with wet AMD and their caregivers to help create a safe and functional home environment. People who register at will receive a free My Home in Sight kit and design tips from Berkus on how to implement the program’s five key principles on living with wet AMD. Novartis developed My Home in Sight in partnership with six leading patient advocacy groups: BrightFocus Foundation, Lighthouse Guild, Macular Degeneration Association, Macula Vision, MD Support, and Prevent Blindness.

“People with wet AMD often feel overwhelmed by the changes in their vision and fear the loss of their independence,” says Patrick Mooney, US Head, Ophthalmology Franchise and VP, Novartis. “We’re proud to partner with leading patient advocacy groups and a design industry expert to help support the needs of those living with, or caring for someone with, wet AMD – a disease that an estimated 1.75 million people are living with in the United States.”