Orchestrate Every Customer Experience to Drive Results

By Richie Etwaru
Chief Digital Officer
IMS Health

September 2015




Soon, backed by deeply analyzed data from up to 100,000 global streams, Life Sciences sales
professionals will enter every meeting knowing precisely what their customers need in order
to improve the delivery of healthcare benefiting patients. Attendees of seminars will never
wonder why they wasted an hour. Website visitors will be presented with information that is
uniquely tailored to their information needs and practice preferences. And sales, marketing
and information technology teams will be working together, as one, to focus on providing their
customers relevant and timely information, resources, and experiences.

Today, Life Sciences sales, marketing, and information technology leaders implement a number
of customer engagement disciplines including Multichannel Marketing (MCM), Omnichannel
Marketing (OCM), and in some cases, proprietary home grown sales and marketing strategies
derived from digital initiatives coupled with analytics. MCM and OCM are defined as the
broadcast on multiple channels, with a focus on a customer’s channel preference and the
customer buying journey.

MCM and OCM are steps in driving a more effective customer engagement, but each can
potentially fall short of providing the higher levels of confidence, transparency and return now
mandated around every dollar spent in sales and marketing. What is the next generation of
sales, marketing and technology beyond MCM and OCM? And can this next generation’s
approach to customer engagement improve the relationship between Life Sciences companies
and their customers, and increase efficiencies across all channels of communication while
bolstering ROI?

The answer to these questions is a resounding yes. Orchestrated Customer Engagement (OCE)
is the discipline for sales AND marketing to accomplish more productive and efficient customer


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