Precision Plant Molecules (PPM) Releases White Paper about Cannamimetics™- The Science and Its Applications


Mother Nature’s Genius – Understanding phytosynthesis during hemp’s life cycle reveals pathways to naturally occurring but rare minor cannabinoids with therapeutic attributes

Cannamimetics Unlocks Hemp Family Tree – CBG, CBD, CBN, CBC, THC-V and 100+ Cannabinoid Siblings


DENVER, July 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — PPM coined the term Cannamimetics™ to describe naturally inspired ways to access important, bioactive “minor” cannabinoids that currently manifest in existing hemp cultivars in de minimis concentrations.  More effective plant-based extracts and concentrates can be formulated with these cannabinoids.

PPM customized an existing scientific term, biomimetic, which means copying the biochemical processes in Nature. A paper by Hanus, Meyer, et al captures the essence of Cannamimetics: “Nature is a biogenetically (sic) tinkerer, and prefers to re-use, recycle and re-assemble rather than creating ex novo something new.”

Cannamimetics simply means following Mother Nature’s lead.  It is well known and extensively researched that during a hemp plant’s growth, various enzymatic, oxidation, photochemical and other bioprocesses produce cannabinoids and other bioactive compounds.

At harvest there are well over 500 phytochemicals present in hemp. No wonder the trichome is called a pharma factory. There are even more identified natural compounds when you count those that appear and then phytosynthesize into other compounds during the plant’s life.

CBGA is known as the Mother Cannabinoid.  Different purpose-bred cultivars, influenced by environmental and developmental conditions, make and then continually transform cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytochemicals during the plant’s vegetative and flowering stages. CBGA is created by an enzymatic reaction early in the plant’s life cycle. Then the CBD and THC sides of the family tree of cannabinoids branch off. Studying the biological and chemical processes in the plant reveal the transformation of CBGA into CBG, CBDA, CBD, CBE, and CBF. CBG also begets CBC that in turn begets CBL and then CBT.

Because botanical medicine is inconsistent by Nature, Cannamimetics allows a smoothing of the variability and enrichment in products made from hemp plants, harvest to harvest, to ensure consumers are afforded the ideal amount and combination of the healing attributes of bioactive cannabinoids and other nutrients in each and every serving.  Consistency results in superior plant-based remedies.

Hemp’s family tree of cannabinoid offspring and the plant’s inner workings during its life reveal all we need to know to improve human health with plants.

With the great advantage of being a hemp-derived botanical product and being able to dial in a consistent profile of naturally occurring compounds with therapeutic properties, Cannamimetics is the science and application of the phytosynthesis pathways that have evolved in Mother Nature.

Precision Plant Molecules

PPM is committed to advancing the science and providing innovative CBD and minor cannabinoid-based ingredients to leading consumer product supply chains worldwide.

PPM applies Cannamimetics science and proprietary methodologies to bring its wholesale customers whole plant, concentrated, distilled, and custom ingredients for their consumer products with tailored profiles of cannabinoids, terpenes and other phytochemicals. Consistently. 

PPM currently offers hemp-derived CBN distillate (>70% purity, 0.0% THC) and various CBG products including whole plant, full spectrum oil or distillate at a 10:1 or 5:1 or custom, CBD:CBG ratio. A CBG-dominant distillate is also available, as well as isolate. PPM also employs proprietary processes in producing bulk CBD oils and distillates, including THC-Free distillates.

PPM scientists are currently working on novel techniques to process, isolate and purify the acidic and varin versions of cannabinoids like CBDA and THC-V.

Every day, every team member at PPM is inspired by the possibilities of plant-based medicine and remedies, and Mother Nature’s genius.

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