PRECISIONeffect Launches INFLECTIONeffect, a Data-Driven Discipline Designed to Accelerate Effective Product Adoption

BOSTON, May 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — PRECISIONeffect, the industry’s only healthcare advertising agency dedicated to changing the standard of care, today announced the launch of INFLECTIONeffect, a data-driven discipline that amplifies the uptake of medical advances. INFLECTIONeffect combines proprietary data, third-party data, research insights, and expertise to isolate the critical inflection points where focusing resources and investment will drive the greatest impact.

“INFLECTIONeffect changes the decision-making process from largely subjective to highly objective. Our clients are now able to allocate resources knowing that they are being applied in a way that will drive adoption,” said Lauren Westberg, EVP, managing director, PRECISIONeffect. “INFLECTIONeffect offers clients the most effective, advanced approach which can begin prior to launch and continue through the entire commercialization life cycle.”

There are four steps to the INFLECTIONeffect process: Precision target profiling, inflection point mapping, pinpoint execution, and agile adjustment.

  1. Precision Target Profiling: identify with extreme detail the physicians most likely to prescribe and the patients most likely to benefit from novel treatments. A combination of automation and data-science expertise triangulate thousands of data points on both the health care professional (HCP) and patient sides with specific market dynamics.
  2. Inflection Point Mapping: develop a detailed model that maps the critical behavioral goals that will most impact a brand’s growth. These become the key inflection points where meaningful change and widespread adoption can take hold. Each behavioral goal is paired with a success metric to measure progress.
  3. Pinpoint Execution: create an omnichannel customer engagement plan to align execution with desired behavioral goals. Using Navigator365™, a world-leading proprietary cloud-based data and insight ecosystem, the team can understand the most effective and efficient channel, message and media mix, both at the segment and individual HCP level.
  4. Agile Adjustment: provide frequent visibility into how tactics are performing along the journey. This keeps the process nimble with the ability to change and optimize tactics, yielding better results, faster, even as market conditions change.

“This new level of insight and omnichannel strategy, powered by Navigator365, will drive better, more cost-effective decision making, and ultimately greater success for our clients. This data shows us the most impactful way to reach physicians and patients – enabling us to be more nimble, more specific and more results-oriented than ever before,” said PRECISIONeffect President, Carolyn Morgan.

To learn more about INFLECTIONeffect, watch the latest episode of This Medical Moment, a work-break video series hosted by Morgan. The latest episode features Westberg, Pam Caputo, PRECISIONeffect’s associate VP of media and engagement, as well as Fonny Schenck, managing director, Across Health, as they discuss INFLECTIONeffect’s impact on the industry. 

About PRECISIONeffect

PRECISIONeffect is the nation’s only healthcare advertising agency dedicated to working with companies seeking to change the standard of care. For more than four decades, the agency has developed creative market-changing and award-winning work for novel pharmaceuticals, biologics, devices, and diagnostics. The agency’s expertise in identifying and changing status-quo preserving behaviors has demonstrated success with physicians, patients, and caregivers across virtually every branch of medicine. The company has offices in Boston, Los Angeles, London and is part of the Precision Value & Health team. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


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