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Marketing (primarily HCP peer to peer, promotional medical education 60%

Medical affairs 30%

Field training 10%



Nate Wible, executive VP, managing director

“The 2020 pandemic forced PRECISIONscientia – as well as our industry – to rethink how we function,” according to agency leaders. “It was a year of thinking differently, embracing risk, challenging conventional norms, and trying new approaches.”

The bottom line, management says, is “we became highly adept at ‘speed chess’ – where players have less time to consider their moves. As a medical communications agency, this approach was part of a winning strategy for us as well as a number of growing clients. We navigated the pandemic together, working to manage the sudden and significant shift to ‘virtual everything.’” 

This ability to think quickly paid dividends. “We were fortunate enough to see our revenue grow by 15 percent in 2020 over 2019, beating our early expectations by 3.5 percent,” the agency’s management team says.


PRECISIONscientia’s leaders were pleased that the agency was selected as one of the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2020 list of the “Best Places to Work,” as well as Nicole Ramocki, Ph.D., being chosen as a PM360 Elite’s “Launch Expert” for her role in quickly working to launch novel therapies and products never seen, or heard of before. These include a first-of-its-kind, FDA-approved CART-Therapy for pediatric leukemia patients, and the first FDA-approved oral treatment (in what was an injectable-only market) for people with relapsing MS.

“The PRECISIONscientia team pivoted to working remotely seamlessly without any downtime for our clients,” agency executives say. “Along with that pivot, we onboarded virtually 55 new employees in the past 12 months. We also rolled out a regular cadence of employee engagement activities and introduced a new employee rewards and recognition program.”

Agency leaders say PRECISIONscientia solidified its commitment to digital by announcing Kurt Mueller as senior VP, digital engagement. “Kurt’s expertise in digital and medical marketing makes him uniquely qualified to partner with our clients and internal teams to define, plan, execute, and streamline our growing and evolving digital projects.” 

Another significant development was Ramocki’s promotion from VP, group account director to VP, client services, overseeing the entire strategic account management (SAM) department. Ramocki joined PRECISIONscientia more than 11 years ago, leading several large, key accounts. “From there, her leadership responsibilities in the department grew, and she successfully grew our overall book of business, as well as mentor many of our staff to grow within the organization,” agency executives say, adding that her deep knowledge of our overall business, strong leadership skills, and intense focus on employee development and growth will serve her well in this new role. 

Kurt Mueller, senior VP, digital engagement


PRECISIONscientia has focused services on marketing (primarily health care professional peer-to-peer, promotional medical education), medical affairs, and field training. “One common thread across these areas is the agency’s ability to reach and engage with key opinion leaders (KOLs) across different disease states, and gain insights in order to develop clinically relevant strategies and scientific content,” management says.

For marketing teams, PRECISIONscientia transforms clinical potential into commercial success by providing comprehensive medical communications support, digital solutions, strategic counsel, and tactical execution throughout the brand lifecycle, particularly in preparation for launch, according to the leadership team. The agency’s work with marketing teams primarily focuses on developing peer-to-peer strategies and tactics such as promotional medical education and engaging with KOLs to gather insights that inform a peer-to-peer marketing plan. 

“To reach HCPs effectively in 2020, we leveraged technology to amplify the messages and distribute them through multiple channels,” agency executives say. “This involves embracing new modalities of communicating and trying non-traditional approaches to education. It also requires better knowledge and insights on HCPs, so that we know exactly where they go to receive information – and how and when they like to receive it. This work typically begins when a client plans disease awareness activities, prior to launch, and continues as activities evolve during launch and post-launch phases.” 

For medical teams, PRECISIONscientia provides scientific expertise, strategic insights, and industry experience to analyze complex data and establish the scientific foundation needed to create a compelling story, agency leaders say. The agency specializes in the development and execution of scientific platforms and the creation of comprehensive scientific communications plans. This includes conducting gap analyses and landscape assessments, developing publications and scientific content, and comprehensive congress support and insight gathering. 

“PRECISIONscientia’s diverse capabilities across the product development continuum allow us to begin engagement with medical affairs teams early in the product lifecycle,” according to management. “Typically, the team engages with clients before they start their registrational trials for a therapy. Our skillset also enables us to support a therapy as it moves through the clinical development stages, while supporting medical affairs clients by working across several therapies in the pipeline for a company.”

Additionally, for field training, the agency designs and implements solutions grounded in adult learning principles and scientific expertise. “Our instructional designers and medical writers collaborate with scientific, strategic, and digital experts to analyze the learning needs of sales reps and medical science liaisons (MSLs) to build knowledge, develop skills, and enhance performance for key target audiences,” the executive team says. “These experts specialize in developing foundational modules, field tools and resources, and work across multiple training platforms, enabling them to customize each training solution to the specific client needs.”

Kathleen Laurie, VP, new business operations


COVID-19, for better or worse, brought much change quickly, and the next few years will be an exciting time in our industry,” according to agency leaders. “As we move into 2021, clinical development timelines continue to be compressed while innovation moves at breakneck speeds. PRECISIONscientia became adept at challenging norms and working with clients on new approaches needed to meet their goals. Multiple trends are converging in medical education, not the least of which is the new virtual model that is not going away.”

How to engage HCPs and where to deploy medical education is also rapidly evolving, management says. “There are significant demands on HCPs, especially in our 24/7 digital/virtual world. This makes for a massive burden as HCPs try to balance patient care with personal development and education, not to mention quarantine restrictions and COVID-19’s effects.”

Each of PRECISIONscientia’s clients have unique needs, from the level of support and expertise they require based on their internal resources and experience, to the scale of projects and programs based on budgets. “However, they all have one collective mission in common: They are introducing highly specialized treatments – such as cell and gene therapies and treatments for rare diseases – that demand the interpretation and communication of complex science in the medical education they develop,” according to PRECISIONscientia executives. 

PRECISIONscientia recognizes the need to reach HCPs through different channels and ensuring engagement opportunities and education are just as meaningful virtually as they are in person. “In 2021, PRECISIONscientia will continue to align resources, work processes and fresh thinking to ensure we are well-positioned to support and advance the evolving market,” agency executives say. “This alignment will allow us to evolve our workforce model for seamless and collaborative in-office and remote work, which leads to a better quality of life for everyone.”

Management adds, “In 2021, we see opportunity to help our clients achieve a balance with this new hybrid approach (i.e., live and virtual), engage with HCPs effectively, and curate content to the right audience, right channel, and right format, using Precision Value & Health’s proprietary HCP data in new and informative ways.”

Nicole Ramocki, Ph.D., VP, client services


PRECISIONscientia is a longtime supporter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). The agency participated in and matched donations for the Light the Night Walk and LLS Annual Ball. In 2020, PRECISIONscientia also coordinated employees’ participation in fund raising and awareness events, including Rare Disease Day and National Wear Red Day during February, Breast Cancer Awareness Month during October, and the Trees for the Future supporting the Forest Garden Program that offers four-year training program for farmers to plant thousands of trees to protect the environment and help improve food access around the world. 

This year, PRECISIONscientia made donations to Philabundance, an organization that distributes more than 24 million pounds of food a year to those in need. Philabundance is a member of Feeding America, a nationwide network of food banks in the United States. The agency also supported the Little Brothers of The Good Shepherd, a homeless shelter in Philadelphia, as well as the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit organization that is committed to ending mass incarceration and excessive punishment in the United States, to challenging racial and economic injustice, and to protecting basic human rights for the most vulnerable people in American society.