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The Pulse of the Pharmaceutical Industry

PulseCX: 2019

Written by: | | Dated: Thursday, May 23rd, 2019



211-B Progress Drive

Montgomeryville, PA 18936

Telephone: 215-680-6524



Quick Facts

Client wins                                6

Active clients                          10


Services Mix

Professional                            50%

Consumer/Patient                  50%


Client Roster

Abbott Nutrition

Aptevo Therapeutics

BioDelivery Sciences International

Ferring Pharmaceuticals


La Jolla Pharmaceuticals


Merck Vaccines

Mitsubishi Tanabe

Sun Pharmaceuticals


PulseCX is a full-service, independent, mid-sized healthcare marketing agency located just outside Philadelphia. We specialize in optimizing the customer experience (CX) for pharmaceutical brands, medical devices, and OTC products. No matter where a brand is in its life-cycle, PulseCX helps connect stakeholders and develop a customer experience (CX) that influences attitudes and behaviors, and drives brand usage. Through an understanding of the customer experience (CX) and journey, and by identifying “Impact Moments” (customer pain points where you have an opportunity to enhance the brand value proposition and directly influence its use and ongoing satisfaction) along the way, PulseCX is able to fully engage the target audience and measurably increase the impact of all communications.

David Zaritsky, CEO of PulseCX

We measure all aspects of the patient/caregiver journey, from driving qualified leads, to measuring the efficiency of message exposure, response rates, and integration with all media efforts (to ensure every traffic driver clearly aligns with its specific call-to-action). We work with clients to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) at the outset of the planning process so everyone has a clear picture of what success looks like. These KPIs are woven through the design, development, and execution of all communications. By mapping the business objectives to the KPIs, and establishing a tiered engagement-scoring system, we can optimize the customer experience (CX) and ensure all of our clients’ resources are working as effectively and efficiently as possible. All results focus on the value proposition of each metric and include recommendations for campaign optimization to ensure forward-looking communication and key takeaways.

PulseCX has significant patient/caregiver and professional experience with big and small Rx, medical device, and OTC brands. Over the past 3 years, our campaigns have continued to evolve, based on our experience and learnings, emerging technologies, changing patient/provider attitudes, and insights into audience behavior that allow us to maximize the level of customer engagement. Each campaign is customized to the specific disease state, needs of the patient/professional populations, distinct segments within each population, brand objectives related to acquisition/conversion/adherence, and available brand budgets.

PulseCX: No-door policy

Our senior leadership engages continually with our clients, who hire us for just that reason. In an industry where trust and experience drive success, all of our senior executives are directly involved in planning on behalf of our clients, and we are agile enough to meet our clients’ ever-evolving needs. The agency’s differentiation is founded upon classic direct-response principles, and the commitment to driving behavior change in our core DNA. Our integrated 3-Step Process (see inset graphic) is specifically designed to drive the next best action in the customer experience (CX) and journey now, and deliver commercial success for the future.

We don’t have an open-door policy at PulseCX. We have a no-door policy. Everybody’s desk is located in one common space—even the CEO. Hardwood floors, hanging chairs, video screens, and comfortable couches create a more relaxed environment to conduct meetings, host client presentations, brainstorm ideas, or simply share lunch with a co-worker. Community workspaces like the Kitchen Table and the Living Room help us collaborate at ease. We’ve also designed themed solitude spaces for times when we need to hear our own thoughts clearly. But the true centerpiece is our beautiful bar and community butcher block Kitchen Table, hand-crafted by one of our own employees.


Recent Accomplishments

PulseCX specializes in optimizing the customer experience (CX) for pharmaceutical brands, medical devices, and OTC products

Spurred by the industry’s increasing interest in leveraging the customer experience (CX), PulseCX has engaged with several new clients over the past year. Mitsubishi Tanabe (MTPC) hired PulseCX to define and enhance the Radicava patient experience. Patients suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) are often confused and burdened by the ALS treatment paradigm. It’s important for an Rx brand in this category not to add to this patient burden, but rather seek to relieve it overall—stimulating faster diagnosis, more consistent/complete insurance coverage, and better interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs). By mapping the patient journey, defining the Impact Moments (customer pain points where you have an opportunity to enhance the brand value proposition and directly influence its use and ongoing satisfaction), and defining the roles/responsibilities of all key stakeholders, PulseCX is helping MTPC create a customer experience (CX) so authentic that patients are raving about it to their friends and relatives, valuing its service to them independent of product use. Based on the success of these efforts, MTPC has now engaged PulseCX to develop pre-launch and launch planning for ND0612 for the treatment of moderately severe Parkinson’s disease, currently in Phase III trials in the United States and Europe.

BioDelivery Sciences International, Inc. (BDSI) engaged PulseCX to redesign their corporate/brand positioning and enhance their focus on the customer experience (CX). Chronic pain affects ~100 million people in the US every year. Unfortunately for these individuals and their families, pain is not their only concern. People who suffer from pain often miss work, which can put a financial burden on their families. Worse, their pain can cause them to miss out on life as well, leading to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and/or depression. For patients struggling with chronic pain, commercializing a life-changing drug is only the first step. Patients just want people to look beyond their pain and truly understand their struggle. Pain has upended their lives, and they are looking for support and resources that take all their needs into consideration and help put their lives back on track. At the core of the new BDSI customer experience (CX) is a shared passion to make every day a little easier for patients and help them move forward with their lives. A sentiment built on the integrity and values of an experienced and talented leadership team—a group of like-minded people committed to revolutionizing the patient experience.                         

Hollister hired PulseCX to enhance the customer experience (CX) of the healthcare professionals who purchase and recommend their ostomy products. Hollister is an independent, employee-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products and services worldwide. They offer advanced medical products for Ostomy Care, Continence Care, and Critical Care. PulseCX is working with them to plan, develop, and execute innovative healthcare programs and services that enhance the customer experience (CX) and better engage patients and healthcare professionals.

At the end of 2018, La Jolla Pharmaceuticals selected PulseCX as their agency-of-record (AOR) for Giapreza, the first and only FDA-approved synthetic human angiotensin II that increases blood pressure in adults with septic or other distributive shock. La Jolla was looking for an agency with an equal balance of strategy and creativity, as well as expertise in experiential marketing, to enhance their customer experience (CX) and brand approach. Through research and analysis, PulseCX identified 4 strategic imperatives that will drive the new Giapreza experience, enhance/personalize the brand’s value proposition, build a coalition of influencers to secure access and drive pull-through, and create a sense of urgency to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Abbott Nutrition hired PulseCX to create a global action plan for a customer experience (CX) program that can be executed across all global Affiliates to increase/support sales of Similac. PulseCX designed an action plan for a pilot launch in Vietnam to help Abbott’s global Affiliates better visualize the impact of CX and understand the specific CRM strategy/capabilities required for each level of execution (low, medium, high impact). It also provided a detailed execution framework for Affiliates to follow at their local levels, including a comprehensive consumer-journey map to help Affiliates better understand how to translate consumer insights into specific actions that modify consumer behavior.

The Diabetes franchise at Merck tapped PulseCX to define how to deliver a differentiated customer experience (CX) for HCPs and patients that also delivers value for payers and empowers Lusduna to become the preferred glargine basal insulin. Based on our CX Audit and analysis, we were able to identify the Impact Moments (customer pain points where you have an opportunity to enhance the brand value proposition and directly influence its use and ongoing satisfaction) where we can make the greatest impact, how to best align them with our strategic imperatives, how to identify single-solution synergies that address multiple strategic imperatives and Impact Moments, and which franchise-level synergies to further explore. Based on this work, Merck Vaccine Division engaged PulseCX to map the Pediatric Vaccine customer journey, create a franchise CX Strategic Map, and build CX solutions to address the specific needs of each key stakeholder.

IXINITY Just B Campaign

PulseCX continues to support Ferring Pharmaceuticals in all marketing efforts to drive sales of ZOMACTON and plan, develop, and execute the launch of the new Needle-free ZOMA-Jet 10. Guided by our ZOMACTON Customer Experience (CX) Audit, PulseCX has worked with Ferring’s brand team to map the patient experience (including the experiences and interactions of key stakeholders), define opportunities to meet each stakeholder’s needs (including when they need it and how they want it delivered), and gain a deep understanding of what the competition is doing (and how/why they’re doing it). In addition, as part of their global procurement program, PulseCX was selected as one of the few agencies to be included in Ferring’s new preferred supplier list.

PulseCX continues its relationship with Aptevo Therapeutics as AOR for IXinity to more broadly enhance and solidify their reputation across all stakeholders in the hemophilia B community. Through their commitment to experiential marketing, IXinity has firmly established a customer experience (CX) that extends well beyond clinical benefits, representing a completely unique value proposition for patients—one that engages and empowers patients, spotlights the reps as the loyal, unmatched resource they are, and creates a true “concierge” brand experience for patients and HCPs.


Future Plans

Based on the significant results associated with experiential marketing, we will continue to work with our clients to explore more personal and intimate levels of customer engagement, including the application of user-generated content, customer advocates/ influencers, and storytelling. One area that has particular potential to evolve involves influencer marketing. The new “influencer” is someone who has the ability to change behaviors and/or impact decisions within a specific context. On the social web, influencers engage audiences by producing topic-specific content. In the world of pharmaceutical marketing, influencer marketing aims to harness the influence of key individuals to meet business goals by building mutually beneficial relationships. Exploration of this innovative solution, and precedence setting for MLR-approvable applications, will pave the way for our industry to create new paradigms of patient engagement in terms of reach, relevance, and resonance



PulseCX focuses much of its philanthropic effort on the community in which we live. To make a direct impact, the agency works with an organization to ‘adopt’ a family in need. Every year, we connect with a specific family that embodies sacrifice—good, hard-working people who selflessly support their family during times of need. Typically, while each household we adopt is filled with love and support, they’re financially struggling with many mouths to feed and limited ability to provide comfort. With our all-agency effort, we provide these families with much-needed items, from new beds, to toys, clothes, and shoes. Through these ongoing efforts, PulseCX is able to reduce some of the stress in their lives and give these families the kind of experience they deserve.

PulseCX is also very proud to support several charitable efforts associated with the communities in which we work. One such initiative is Save One Life, a group that focuses on caring for people with bleeding disorders in developing countries—one life at a time. Through direct financial assistance, PulseCX supports their mission to improve the quality of life and future of people with bleeding disorders, ensuring that all people with bleeding disorders in developing countries have the medical and economic resources necessary to live independent and productive lives.

We also support the Hemophilia Federation of America, a national nonprofit organization that assists, educates, and advocates for the bleeding disorders community. Specifically, PulseCX participates in their annual Gears for Good event in which 100% of the contributions go to providing families and patients in need with immediate financial assistance for expenses like housing, utilities, transportation, and medically necessary goods. 




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