QBFox Healthcomm welcomes new year with new growth

QBFox Healthcomm, a full-service healthcare agency nearing its fourth anniversary, entered 2022 with new growth, new talent, and a renewed story to tell.

During the fourth quarter of 2021, QBFox won a significant AOR assignment in the cardiovascular category. The work for this new client entails brand promotion for both healthcare professionals and patients across multiple platforms and adds to the multiple AOR brands that the agency already handles in the eyecare space.

“We are finding that our unique offering of senior, experienced talent who operate in a nimble and quick agency environment is really speaking to the needs of biotech clients who are in the early phases of commercialization,” says Steve Viviano, QBFox CEO. “These unique companies have significant challenges and are often in a ‘start-up’ mentality where working fast and smart is seen as a tremendous competitive advantage for them.”

(from left: Mark Vespole and Jonathan Richter are accelerating 2022’s new growth at QBFox.)

Management says part of the QBFox story for this particular assignment was the efficiency and time-savings achieved by a well-oiled and experienced agency team singularly focused on the assignment at hand.

“We’re not interested in adding layers and layers of staff,” Viviano notes. “And we are definitely not about just filling out timesheets and trying to sell tons of hours.”

Pointing to what they hear in agency briefings, management says clients are perplexed when 10 random agency people show up at a meeting or on a call and the client doesn’t even know who they are. “Clients don’t understand or appreciate that,” Viviano says. “What they really want is a small, dedicated team whom they know well, and who knows them and their business inside and out.”

Staying true to this philosophy of providing clients senior talented staff prompted the hiring of Jonathan Richter as chief content officer and creative director. QBFox executives describe Richter as a force for some of the industry’s leading agencies over the years including McCann Health and the BGB Group. He has led teams and won business across multiple categories with a special focus on cardiovascular and respiratory therapeutic areas.

“We had a highly charged 22-month period of growth which saw two major launches, and with the addition of this new client it was time to start adding staff again,” Viviano says. “The opportunity to work with a talent like Jonathan – to complement our existing team and to head up our Content group – was irresistible. He brings us more than creative chops and market knowledge. Jonathan’s funny and real and within two minutes of meeting him, we felt like we knew him for years.”

Mark Vespole earned a well-deserved promotion to VP, group account supervisor, in recognition of his leadership shepherding multiple launches and establishing a web presence for several biotech clients. Vespole was an early agency employee in 2018 and management says he’s been key to the QBFox’s growth ever since.

According to QBFox managers, beyond Richter and Vespole, the agency is also looking to add another three new employees – a senior editor, a senior digital designer and an account person – capping off a period that is the single largest growth spurt it has experienced to date.