MONTVILLE, N.J., December 20, 2019 / After a little over 18 months, QBFox Healthcomm has firmly established itself as a go-to full-service agency, but one with much more than the customary services. Citing their BrandStand™ process, the agency has been helping several early-stage biotechs move from R&D to commercialization — and because of the innovative approach of this specialized offering — QBFox has been named by PM360 as one of the most innovative start-ups of 2019.

QBFox leadership team: Chet Moss, Chief Creative Officer; Stacy Patterson, Chief Medical Officer; Steve Viviano, CEO

“Our C-Suite client partners face a lot of tough, high-level communications issues early on,” observed Steve Viviano, QBFox CEO. “What is the vision for their company? How should their core technology be expressed? What’s going on in the minds of potential investors?”

Viviano, along with QBFox senior managers, Chet Moss, Chief Creative Officer, and Stacy Patterson, Chief Medical Officer, have built on their previous 15-year collaboration at ICC Lowe to tackle these crucial needs.

“The three of us have worked closely together for a long time and because of that, we can quickly get to important answers for our clients,” noted Stacy Patterson. Chet

Moss added: “Stacy’s insight into a client’s MOA for example, helps me see a branding approach in a new way… and what follows is an eye-popping branding system to guide high-level communications. When you’re working at this early stage, the results really move the needle for clients.” QBFox has named and branded client technologies; re-branded products receiving new indications; and even named several young biotech companies.

They were chosen as part of PM360’s 8th Annual Innovations Issue, established to serve as a client guide to the year’s most innovative Startups, Companies, Divisions, Products, Services, and Strategies from within the healthcare and life sciences industries.

“We’ve been working to help the industry identify the latest and most exciting advancements that facilitate change or offer new advancements,” says Anna Stashower, CEO/Publisher of PM360. “We hope this guide can serve as an important resource for the industry throughout 2020 as we all work to improve the healthcare experience for everyone involved.”

“Our growth at QBFox has come from directly identifying and responding to an unmet need,” added Viviano. “Senior leadership at our clients want like-minded, experienced people who understand their businesses inside and out. Who can think with agility in real time. We appreciate that PM360 sees what we are doing and recognizes how it can help clients in such an innovative way.”

About QBFox
QBFox is a full-service healthcare agency, providing strategic and medical insight as well as creative and branding development for the biotech and pharmaceutical community. The agency has experience in helping to launch brands in dozens of therapeutic categories.

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