Reach Media Studio launches

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Reach Media Studio

Reach Media Studio launches

Christa Toole, Reach Media

Christa Toole, CEO and founder, Reach Media Studio

Reach Media Studio LLC, a wholly women owned marketing agency providing digital advertising solutions and marketing analytics, has announced its launch. The company’s mission will be to empower business and brands, providing tailored solutions that enhance online visibility and drive growth.

CEO and founder, Christa Toole, started the company after having spent over 30 years of experience creating value for clients such as VITAS Healthcare, M&M Mars, Genentech, Novartis, Lilly and Culinary Institute of America. She also was one of the founders of Greater Than One, a media and technology agency with a focus on health care, and for the past 24 years had overseen search, social and analytics for all the agency’s clients.

Toole will be joined by Megu Kobayashi, Xavier Harrison, and Michael Guajardo. Kobayashi is a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, ecommerce, and digital experience. Harrison is an expert in optimizing search and social media campaigns with over 12 years of experience across a variety of industry verticals. Guajardo is a former senior software engineer with 18 years of experience now creating technical solutions for the organization and clients.

Leveraging the extensive experience of a deep team of digital marketing experts, Reach Media Studio will offer an extensive list of services including Paid Search, Paid Social Media Advertising, Digital/Media Advertising, Search Engine Optimization and Performance Analytics, which will leverage data-driven insights to refine marketing strategies.

“Our agency is focused on driving maximum results through engaging targeted audiences across digital platforms with compelling ad content”, said Toole. “We also have strong track records in successfully providing our clients with providing increased results over time with our paid media, analytics, and SEO services.”

Reach Media Studio will also provide specialized services to its clients including Web Analytics Auditing, Analytics Setup and Dashboard Development.