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Real Chemistry enters enterprise partnership with writer to expand use of generative AI to benefit healthcare clients

NEW YORK (July 18, 2023) – Real Chemistry, the leading provider of AI-driven insights and marketing and communications for the healthcare industry, today announced a strategic partnership with Writer, the leading generative AI platform for enterprises. Through this partnership, all Real Chemistry team members will have access to Writer, which will allow them to focus on creativity, strategy and innovation in creating content.

“The speed with which generative AI is changing the game in marketing and communications can’t be understated,” said Simeon Simeonov, Chief Technology Officer of Real Chemistry. “As a leader in applying data and AI services and solutions, we use generative AI in privacy-safe and regulatory compliant ways to understand what drives patient and provider decisions, identify key audiences to engage with, and personalize communications for optimal clarity and impact. Extending our AI investment with Writer will improve the quality of our work and open new ways to reach patients and healthcare providers with accessible, personalized content at scale, benefitting our healthcare clients and the industry as a whole.”

Real Chemistry’s partnership with Writer expands its capabilities into our AI products and services portfolio, including conversationHealth, Integrated Intelligence, and Swoop, as well as the company’s proprietary Insights System with ChatGPT, advanced prompt engineering, data integration and automation capabilities.

Partnering with Real Chemistry will strengthen Writer’s capabilities in the healthcare and life sciences industries to ultimately improve health literacy and drive better patient outcomes. Together, the companies will build proprietary and custom-trained generative AI functionality specific to the demanding needs and complexities of the regulated healthcare environment.
“Writer is committed to delivering excellent generative AI for the healthcare industry, and we are excited to partner with Real Chemistry on healthcare-focused large language models and the many use cases they enable,” said May Habib, CEO of Writer. “Healthcare today is complicated, and generative AI has the potential to make it more accessible, empathetic and fine-tuned to the needs of patients, healthcare providers and other healthcare stakeholders.”

About Real Chemistry
Real Chemistry’s mission is to transform what healthcare is to what it should be by leveraging the industry’s most advanced AI-powered insights, diverse expertise and customer-centric ideas. We help the healthcare industry better understand, reach and engage patients and professionals – while creating healthcare experiences that span diagnosis to adherence – to ensure therapies meet and exceed their potential to impact lives.

About Writer
Writer is the generative AI platform for enterprises. We empower your people — product, operations, support, marketing, HR, and more — to maximize creativity and 10x productivity.
Our secure platform snaps easily into your business data sources and delivers accurate answers and content that are fine-tuned on your own data and follow your own AI guardrails. We put generative AI in people’s hands right where they work, and enable you to build it into your end-user applications, without putting your or your users’ data at risk.

Writer is enterprise-grade, doesn’t use or share your data, and features open and transparent LLMs that are deployable in a variety of ways, including self-hosted. We’re compliant with SOC 2 Type II,

GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI, and are deployed at leading enterprises, including Intuit, UiPath, Spotify, L’Oreal, Uber, and Deloitte. Visit us at

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