Relevate Health Group: 2023

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4270 Ivy Pointe Blvd, Suite 220, Cincinnati, OH 45245

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Quick Facts


  • Account wins: 10
  • Active business clients: 47

Brands by 2022 sales

  • Brand-product accounts held: 113
  • $25 million-$50 million: 4
  • $50 million-$100 million: 19
  • $100 million-$500 million: 32
  • $500 million-$1 billion: 19
  • $1 billion or more: 28
  • Products not yet approved/launched: 11

Services mix

  • Omnichannel: 54%
  • Digital agency: 21%
  • Rep access: 16%
  • Key accounts: 9%


  • Agency of the Year, Category II

“The post-COVID demand for digital solutions has accelerated pharma’s transition to omnichannel,” declare the leaders of Relevate Health. “This transformation is complex and demands significant changes in approach, capabilities, and technology, and has required pharma marketers to move beyond many of the traditional, tried and accurate commercial models and methods that have now become outdated or ineffective. Healthcare marketers of all types and sizes are wrestling with these implications and the demands for agility and personalization while remaining compliant. 

“This is the context that Relevate Health has been building towards for years. Relevate Health has been at the forefront of relevant, precise, data-driven healthcare engagement solutions for a decade, and our ability to leverage data-driven insights and models to deliver omnichannel engagement with both relevance and precision truly is the future. And in 2022, the company continued to accelerate to deliver on it.”

“Data is omnipresent and in massive supply, but it is only helpful if it leads to actionable insights. Relevate Health has built its ElevatedRelevance Decision Engine to provide the types of insights that result in an improved understanding and activation of the who, what, when, where, and how of marketing. We built the data infrastructure that now provides over 2.3 million single, consolidated views of affiliated HCPs, leveraging 0, 1st, third-party data, machine learning, and AI. This proven approach helps pharmaceutical marketers understand the motivators of their targets and their preferences in everything from the topics they’re interested in, the platforms they prefer, the KOLs that influence them, and how they receive and digest information to confidently engage them with relevant, timely, and effective communications. Confident brand activation leads to more substantial ROI. And as we like to say, knowing is better than guessing.”

Recent accomplishments

2022 was a year of significant growth and purposeful building for RH,” managers say. “The investments of the past have genuinely begun to yield significant dividends, both immediate and for the future.”

The agency’s continued growth and large ambitions led it to bring on Tim Pantello, a globally experienced industry executive who has built and led diverse healthcare marketing service organizations, as the new CEO. “Tim joined RH because he ‘had never seen a collection of solutions and services that were so right for today’s pharmaceutical and biotech business, with many growth opportunities and synergies for the future,’” executives say.

According to the leadership team, “We recognize that a massive challenge for our customers is that the growth of digital engagement solutions has led to tremendous clutter and noise, resulting in HCPs and other healthcare audiences feeling overwhelmed and tuning out. We added a layer of accountability and transparency for our partners because we know our relevant solutions leverage audience understanding, allowing us to respect our audiences’ preferences, and expectations of personalization. 

The agency has implemented a robust metrics plan to garner PLD and ROI for its engagement solutions to add a level of certainty and help customers see the results. “Pushing out messages ‘at’ your audience doesn’t create effective engagement –you must be more precise, with genuine, relevant engagement to drive impact and results.”

Managers say over the past few years, the agency has built out its data infrastructure teams and tech. “With that as our backbone, this year, we further built our in-house decision science team and ElevatedRelevance Decision Engine to drive strategy and measure results. This foundation informs all our solutions and helps our agency services team develop creative solutions founded on data-driven customer understanding and insight.”

Executives maintain that 2022 was a big year of integration and acceleration of the investments and acquisitions it made over the past couple of years.

“We integrated all operations into a comprehensive delivery team with shared operational tools for transparency, ease, and speed,” agency leaders say. “Customer success unified to improve client experience across our mix of solutions and services. In addition, we unified our technology and data implementation to create an “integrated ecosystem.” This way, all data from the disparate products and solutions flow into a single, unified database, continuing to drive our holistic understanding but also helping to create fully integrated omnichannel engagements when implementing multiple programs.”

Structure and services

Relevate Health, Exact Sciences

Exact Sciences, a leader in cancer diagnostics, launched a website to provide health systems with information on Precision Oncology solutions, which are uniquely designed to support those health systems.

Relevate Health has offices in Cincinnati, Ohio; Braintree, Mass.; Berkeley Heights, N.J.; and Dallas. Leaders say the agency serves 185 brands from more than 90 pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers, adding that the executive group leads the 200-plus colleague team with deep and broad pharmaceutical/healthcare experience to continue to propel Relevate Health forward as an industry leader in healthcare engagement.

According to managers, Relevate Health provides two distinct service models: HCP engagement solutions and agency services. “The post-Covid boom in digital engagement with HCPs and healthcare audiences has only grown the demand for tools that go beyond spray-and-pray and don’t simply add to the noise and clutter currently buffeting HCPs,” they say. “Driven by proprietary data and customer understanding, Relevate Health’s HCP engagement solutions provide precise and relevant healthcare engagement and follow-through with first-party reporting data (i.e., PLD) and measurement for all programs. The purpose-built suite of solutions for peer-to-peer, non-personal promotion, and field enablement is designed to help pharma/healthcare marketers deliver effective engagement and solutions across the brand life cycle and the audience spectrum.”

Leaders state, “Relevate’s digital activation makes our agency the optimal choice for brands seeking a partner for a specific digital solution or as a healthcare solutions and engagement partner to help across the entire commercialization mix. Our agency subject matter experts are uniquely able to combine data and creativity to achieve world-class programs – and can access and leverage Ele (our ElevatedRelevance Decision Engine) and data science to feed insights and creativity. This mix of left-brain plus right-brain is a powerful combination for any brand seeking to break through and engage with their hard-to-reach audiences to drive action and behavioral change.

“Relevate has unmatched customer understanding regarding engaging health system C- and D-suite leaders to impact shared goals anchored in the Quintuple Aim. Our work in key account management has earned one of our clients a best-in-class designation from health system executives for six consecutive years.  

“Relevate Health colleagues are subject matter experts with deep experience in solving various challenges. Often these teams plug into an existing partner ecosystem, or we work as a primary partner to build a new one.”

Future plans

Relevate Health will continue to optimize and expand its proven, data-driven solutions and services that confidently engage with the prospects that pharma and biotech brands need most,” executives say. “Through organic growth and acquisition, Relevate will continue to deliver on our promise of precise and relevant omnichannel healthcare engagement.” 

Relevate Health

(top left to right) Clay Romweber, chief revenue officer; Julie Granberry, chief insights and strategy officer; Roy Wilschut, chief product officer
(middle left to right) Megan Jones, chief operations officer; Sabrina Ingram, VP, people operations
(bottom left to right) George Griffith, executive VP, omnichannel strategy; Tim Pantello, CEO; Louis-Philippe Cavallo, chief financial officer