Renavatio Healthcare Communications LLC 2014


27-29 Cambridge Lane
Newtown, PA 18940
Telephone: 215-968-8890
Facsimile: 215-968-4081
E-mail: [email protected]

Quick Facts

Account wins 5
Active business clients 16
Brands by 2013 sales  
Brand-product accounts held 23
$25 million or less 1
$25 million – $50 million 5
$50 million – $100 million 8
$100 million – $500 million 6
$500 million to $1 billion 1
Services Mix  
Specialty brand advertising and promotion 50%
Specialty brand scientific services 25%
Specialty brand strategic services 25%

Client Roster

Abbott Point of Care
Akrimax Pharmaceuticals
Bristol-Myers Squibb
FidiaPharma USA
Jubilant Draximage
Meda Pharmaceuticals

Grow, grow, grow. Agency leaders say that in 2013, Renavatio stayed true to its mantra, and maintained its focus on the three areas fundamental to its purpose: growing brands, growing clients, and growing talent.

In the past year, Renavatio’s focus on growing brands played out with the successful relaunches of a variety of specialty pharmaceutical and device products. As full-service agency of record for Ipsen’sSomatuline, ProStrakan’sFareston, Antares Pharma’s Otrexup, and Abbott Point of Care, Renavatio had ample opportunity to grow these brands using its basic approach to specialty brand building: rely on a range of expert talent working in tight teams, stay singularly focused on strategies that drive brand adoption, and develop pinpoint solutions for clients.

The Year’s Accomplishments

The wholesale relaunch of Somatuline Depot was the highlight of the year. First up to bat was the redevelopment of the Somatuline DTP Website. Tapping into newly bolstered digital capabilities at the agency, Renavatio developed the new Somatuline Website to allow visitors to the site to quickly segment themselves according to their experience with acromegaly. From there, patients could navigate easily to the information they needed to help them move forward with the disease. Renavatio also helped Ipsen redevelop the Somatuline professional Website, which went live soon after.

According to executives, the most intense task for Renavatio was the development of the SomatulineiPad-enabled core visual aid. Programmatically, the SomatulineiPad visual aid was a particularly strong offering, incorporating embedded patient testimonial videos, animations of key device information and pivotal clinical trial data, and greatly expanded information about the company’s patient support programs.

Renavatio also pitched and won the agency of record assignment to help Antares Pharma launch Otrexup into the rheumatoid arthritis market. The launch of Otrexup tapped into a wide swath of Renavatio’s core offerings. From strategic positioning, to creative campaign development, to executing a tactical mix encompassing print, digital and direct mail, Otrexup fit squarely into the Renavatio wheelhouse serving specialty pharma brands.

Of note, Renavatio assisted in the development of Antares’ impressive back-office resource center for Otrexup, the dimensional “Step Up, Start Up” kit. Renavatio also worked to design the OtrexupiPad visual aid.

With Renavatio’s ongoing work as the full-service business partner for Abbott Point of Care came the opportunity to help support Abbott’s promotion of the Piccolo XPress and, subsequently, Abbott Lab Solutions. Renavatio’s double-thumbs-up “Win-Win” launch print ad for Abbott Lab Solutions debuted in Repertoire Magazine, and scored highest for recall among all ads that month.

In oncology, one of Renavatio’s core disease-area strengths, the agency helped reposition and relaunchFareston, ProStrakan’s SERM for breast cancer. Renavatio helped ProStrakan build the award-winning Fareston core visual aid, developing the brand’s strong, iconic “purple apple” creative – as well as the messaging and print/digital tactics that have helped position Fareston as another important option for metastatic disease.

Renavatio continued its work in 2013 for longstanding clients Akrimax (for the beta-blocker InnoPran XL), Fidia (for OA injectable Hyalgan), and on the early-development side of the agency’s business, the strategic work on several Bristol-Myers Squibb compounds.

Also, Renavatio’s launch sales aid for Meda’sDymista prescription allergy nasal spray garnered award-winning industry recognition in 2013.

Structure And Services

Renavatio remains an independent full-service healthcare communications agency. As noted, the agency is built around its unique mix of talented experts, and takes a tight team approach to delivering pinpoint solutions that drive brand adoption. This “4-corner” structure, and its accompanying disciplines for project execution, allows the agency to create outstanding work on a consistent basis.

Renavatio provides services that drive brand adoption at any point in the commercialization continuum, from early development through launch and lifecycle management. Clients may choose from a full range of services: from development strategy, label design/optimization, brand strategy, positioning, and customer segmentation to creative campaign development and commercial branding, direct mail, video production, online and mobile e-initiatives, exhibit planning, and more. The company is particularly well suited to serve clients in today’s highly demanding digital world.

The Renavatio management team remains unchanged from last year. Along with Principals Sheila Gerus and Larry Iaquinto are Celine Darche, director of operations; Lee Fraser, Ph.D., chief scientific officer; Ron Lewis, creative director – art; Beth Loeb, group account director; Evan Young, associate creative director – copy; and Kathy Zaiser, group account director. As a whole, this leadership team continues to drive the ideation, development, and execution of commercialization and marketing best practices within Renavatio. This year, the Renavatio leadership team looks forward to a number of internal initiatives aligned to the agency’s vision: growth of brands, clients, and talent.

“With every new day and every new client and brand we add, we’ve been looking to challenge ourselves to continually grow our digital capabilities in particular – while maintaining our focus on what we do best,” Iaquinto says. “Specialty brand building for the life sciences industry.”

Future Plans

At the tail end of the year, Renavatio entered a multi-agency pitch and won the AOR assignment for the highly promising new anti-cancer modality offered by Novocure for glioblastoma: the NovocureTTF, or Tumor Targeting Fields, device. Renavatio takes over strategic positioning, promotional rebranding, creative, and tactical execution duties for NovoTAL as the device seeks to build on its buzz and enters into its critical commercialization phase in 2014.

The agency is also highly anticipating the upcoming launch of another brand added to the roster: Envarsus, a promising new tacrolimus formulation from Veloxis Pharmaceuticals. Immunology remains the strongest of Renavatio’s core specialty knowledge areas.

Lastly, in addition to branching out from the standpoint of digital capabilities, Renavatio is growing into new disease specialty areas including animal health. Through the addition of both full-time staff and project work for MerialonPrevicox, the agency is targeting an entirely new mix of clients.


In 2013, Renavatio offered its direct support for local fundraising initiatives, including contributions once again to the Newtown Friends School and the Karen DeLisle Memorial Scholarship Foundation.

The company also helped sponsor two bike-racing fundraisers: the 2013 Ride to Conquer Cancer and the 2013 Bike MS City to Shore ride in New Jersey.

Also, this year Renavatio is launching an all-out internal food drive to benefit the Bucks County Housing Group, a nonprofit social service organization that provides a wide range of housing and related social services to homeless and low-income families near Renavatio’s headquarters in eastern Pennsylvania.