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RPA + AI: How Automation Can Solve Your Core Business Challenges

Written by: | | Dated: Tuesday, June 4th, 2019


There are some phrases which have become commonplace in pharma over the past few years. First, that data is the ‘new lifeblood’, able to make better, faster, more reliable decisions. But how many of us have really realized this benefit in a noticeable manner?

Second, our promised liberation through digital technology, cutting out all the boring tasks, making our lives easier – whereas in fact, simply to cope with increased levels of information and lack of interoperability between specialist systems, we experience more headaches than solutions.

Third, that AI is revolutionizing the way we do business. Whilst we know that AI has huge potential, we also know that it needs large amounts of good quality information to learn from.

So we are not there yet. Repetitive tasks still exist, and we are still held back from the creative work we want to be doing.

There may be a solution – automation. By using robotic process automation (RPA) we will take the first step towards freeing up resources to focus on the higher order business challenges within pharma – the challenges we really need to focus on. We may even be able to turn AI on our own processes within the office, using cognitive technology to scan data and processes to find new ways of improving its own performance, learning from humans.

This free webinar is designed to show you how automation could be what you’re looking for. We’ll cover:

  • Discovery: the processes that can be mapped and improved for time and cost savings.
  • Strategy: a clear vision for detailed use cases, user personas, quantitative and qualitative benefits models, journey mapping, and change management plans.
  • Implementation: Switching on RPA and cognitive intelligence to free up your employees to focus on higher-value work.

Join us to ensure automation is taking the robot out of you, and ensure patients benefit from better innovation and faster speed-to-market as a direct result.

Sign-up today and if you can’t make it, sign-up anyway and we’ll send you the recordings.


Panelists include:
Subbiah Mahalingam

Subbiah Mahalingam

Director, Digital Operations IT Business Partner


Catherine Calarco

Catherine Calarco

Senior Director, Industry Strategy & Marketing for Life Sciences

Automation Anywhere

Paul Simms

Paul Simms



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