Sales and Marketing: Facts & Figures

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Physicians require three views of a given pharma ad in order to ensure recall, according to a survey by SSCG Media Group. Specifically, nearly half (47 percent) of survey respondents reported that after seeing a pharma ad an average of three times, they feel aware of the information it conveys. Further, after the third view of the same ad regardless of where it is seen, 37 percent would read some of the ad and 13 percent would read the full ad.

Of the 20 percent of physicians who are able to receive ads via their electronic health records (EHR) platform, nearly 60 percent are most satisfied with dosing information; nearly 45 percent with formulary information, coupons and vouchers; and nearly 40 percent with ads that provide clinical information and patient information/education tools.

Seventy-six percent of physicians rely on between two and five healthcare sites on a given day for professionally relevant information. Nearly 75 percent of physicians are most likely to engage with condition specific or disease state content that appears on a healthcare site. News updates pique the interest of 55 percent, while nearly half engage with content that discusses product or prescribing information.

When it comes to physicians’ expectations of pharma advertising message content, nearly 60 percent reported they are most likely to engage with an ad that discusses efficacy. Ads that discuss products with a new indication or are new to market are favored by 54 percent of physicians, while more than 40 percent expressed high interest in ads focusing on new study data and dosing and titration.

Eighty-five percent of physicians reported clicking on ads to see more information about a given product. “Learn More” is the most likely call to action (39 percent) that would result in a click, followed by “Find out More” (33 percent). “Click Here” was the least popular call to action with just under 15 percent.

Source: MAP MD, SSCG Media Group