Sales & Marketing: December 2023 Facts & Figures

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Findings from November’s Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report showed that access to compliant chat expands the engagement channel mix, more than doubling digital touchpoints with HCPs while maintaining or increasing in-person meetings. According to Veeva’s analysts, HCPs start 30 percent of conversations with field teams when using compliant chat, and compliant chats gain a rapid response from field teams in less than five minutes. The average global engagement channel mix is 78 percent in person and 22 percent digital. However, biopharma companies that add inbound channels like compliant chat expand their mix to 42 percent in person and 58 percent digital. Additionally, Veeva an- alysts found that combining in-person touchpoints with responsive, real-time interactions creates more meaningful engagement with HCPs. Field teams adopting this service-based approach are maintaining or boosting in-person frequency while increasing video meetings from 2 percent to 12 percent of the engagement mix. Also, read rates for content sent via compliant chat (80 percent) are double those of content sent via email (40 percent).

Source: Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report, Veeva Systems.