Scout Marketing 2014


339 Peachtree Road, Suite 105
Atlanta, GA 30326
Telephone: 404-91-SCOUT
E-mail: [email protected]

Quick Facts

Account wins 3
Account losses 1
Accounts resigned 1
Active business clients 4
Brands by 2013 sales  
Brand-product accounts held 9
$25 million – $50 million 2
$100 million – $500 million 6
Services Mix  
Digital 30%
DTC 25%
HCP 25%
DTP 20%

Client Roster

Jazz Pharmaceuticals
Nielsen Biosciences

Scout is an independent agency that aggressively seeks to meet and exceed the needs of specialty pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients in new and innovative ways, according to management. Since its inception in 1999, Scout has lived and breathed by its dog-inspired motto: “Be Brave,” executives say.

“It takes courage to develop bold strategies and ever-more-original creative campaigns in today’s hyper-competitive and changing healthcare marketplace,” leaders say. “Working in close collaboration with like-minded client partners who look to take a stand and make a difference in their fields, Scout has produced some highly memorable creative work and some terrific success stories.”

The Year’s Accomplishments

According to agency executives, in 2013, Scout took major strides to broaden both its menu of services and its geographic presence. The agency strengthened its focus on developing effective new disease awareness programs to lead patients to diagnosis and appropriate care. The Narcolepsy Disease Awareness Program, for Jazz Pharmaceuticals – executed via a mixture of television, print, and online resources – was a significant and successful result, managers note.

Executives say though Scout has long been deeply immersed in the digital realm, the agency recently added even more capabilities to its interactive arsenal. The visually striking campaigns for the Lundbeck brands Sabril and Onfi, for example, are delivered extensively through digital media that include iPad electronic details. “These programs are evidence of the agency’s attention to embracing technological innovations that help sales representatives engage healthcare professionals with interesting and informative discussions,” leadership says.

In terms of its geographic presence, Scout added a new full-service office in Chicago to complement its existing offices in San Diego and Atlanta. This addition was driven by the agency’s growing business in the area plus a strategic desire to have a nationwide presence to facilitate growth and to service its expanding client roster more efficiently, executives say.

As a result of its recent account wins and accelerated growth, the agency was recognized by Medical Marketing & Media as a Top 100 Agency.

Structure And Services

Scout is managed by four partners, each with a specific area of expertise. Jennifer Brekke and Bob Costanza are the two founding partners. Brekke, as CEO, is the business and operational visionary, and Costanza has been the creative cornerstone upon which the agency’s reputation for courageous creative has been built.

A few years after the agency’s founding, RaffiSiyahian, executive VP, and Allen Stegall, executive director of strategy, were added to the partnership team. Siyahian and Stegall are veteran healthcare marketers with experiences that span many therapeutic categories. Together, this management approach has steered Scout through significant growth and expansion of its offerings, executives say.

According to Siyahian, “No matter how we grow and change, we remain true to the commitment we make to each client that a partner of our firm will always remain closely involved in their business. We believe this assures that we can maintain high standards, and just as important, keep the channels of communication open.”

Beyond this distinctive approach to executive management, Scout has placed equally distinctive operational teams around each of its assigned brands, executives say. The make-up of these teams can vary according to client needs, but all of them include expert contributors to strategic, account service, creative, and digital functions.

During the course of 2013, Scout added more than 10 new staff members, several of whom were part of the creation of the downtown Chicago office. As a result of new business wins and organic growth, executives say Scout continues to be on the lookout for brave, talented individuals who are seeking an opportunity to do bold work, executives say.

Future Plans

Scout plans to maintain its relentless dedication to develop great work for great clients, while bringing on and fostering the development of individuals excited about generating campaigns and tactics that are relevant and cut through the clutter. “We know our clients are challenged with accomplishing more with often fewer resources, and we’re particularly attuned to making sure their efforts have a practical impact in the real world,” Stegall says.

AddsSiyahian, “In turn, happy clients say good things about Scout to their industry colleagues, which often leads to additional opportunities to do great things. It really is that simple.”


True to its respect for all things doglike, Scout has long maintained a relationship with the ASPCA. “Upon strolling through the hallways of Scout, or perusing the agency’s Website, it quickly becomes apparent just how seriously Scout reveres its canine friends,” executives say.

Beyond Scout’s own charitable interests, the agency offers its clients the opportunity to have a gift directed to their preferred charities each year. These recipient groups are often organizations that are focused on the health conditions around which the agency’s or client’s work revolves. Scout also routinely makes its services available to worthy organizations on a pro bono basis.