EPGL Reveals “Omega” Contact Lens


IRVINE, CA–(Marketwired – Jul 17, 2017) – EP Global Communications, Inc. (OTC PINK: EPGL) and private start-up InWith Corp., make the following joint announcement:

For the first time, EPGL reveals the “Omega” contact lens under development with InWith Corp. The patent pending “Omega” is designed to correct vision anytime by changing the curvature of the lenses on-demand, via smart phone or other mobile devices. The unique “Omega” design surrounding the iris of the eye can be seen in the AutoCAD renderings provided at www.inwithcorp.com or www.epglmed.com. The design allows both eyes to be adjusted at the same time or independently for perfected vision correction. Chips, processors and RF antennas are designed to be housed in the surrounding patented elastic circuit structure. The lenses are anticipated to be compatible with both Apple iOS and Android platforms.

EPGL owns the US patent on 3D flexible circuitry in medical device materials such as silicone hydrogel contact lenses, and the “Omega” adaptive focus device is now patent pending. The adaptive focus lens design is unique because it is designed to be scalable into current state-of-the-art mass manufacturing techniques for soft contact lenses.

EPGL was first to publicly demonstrate successful integration of patented Elastic Circuit into silicone hydrogel contact lenses, and the “Omega” lens under development will build upon this technology.

Self Focusing Via Mobile Devices

The future of human vision will include the ability to adjust vision correction on-demand and to communicate information to the eyes via mobile devices. The focal needs of the human eye are not static and can change hourly and daily due to many causes such as age, eye strain, dehydration and blood sugar levels. Current prescription optics are limited to static correction, therefore a massive new market exists for real-time vision adjustment and augmentation, enabled by new breakthrough technologies connected to mobile devices. The advent of such adjustable “Omega” lenses holds potential to disrupt the ophthalmic industry because patients could be able to adjust their vision discreetly at any time. No bulky goggles or glasses needed. 

Real-time vision correction via mobile devices is coming, and InWith Corp. intends to lead the field. InWith Corp. plans to bring to market real-time, adjustable and augmented contact lenses based on EPGL technologies. The augmented vision field is estimated by some industry experts to be as high as $150 billion annually in coming years.

Starting in 2014, Dr. David Markus led pioneering R&D in world class ophthalmic facilities within the United States. This breakthrough R&D led to proof of concept for methods of integration of flexible electronics into soft contact lenses materials. As a result, the filing of IP for Elastic Circuitry, Sensor Devices, Adaptive Focus and much more, was commenced. Thus far, multiple key patents for the integration of electronic circuitry and augmentation within modern silicone hydrogel lenses, have been granted. Additionally, several more patents are pending both in the US and Internationally. Most importantly, the technologies were designed to be compatible with current mass manufacturing of contact lenses to allow scalability to the market.

Coming Soon:

Announcements from EPGL and InWith Corp. as to additional partners and relationships. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. currently holds first right of purchase negotiation for EPGL technologies.

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