1250 45th Street, Suite 250
Emeryville, CA 94549

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Quick Facts
Account wins 5
Active business clients 9

Brands by 2018 sales
Brand-product accounts held 14
Less than $100 million 12
$100 million-$500 million 1
$500 million-$1 billion 1

Services mix
Digital/non-personal 35%
Sales force enablement 35%
Strategy/brand building 25%
Conventions 5%

Client roster
Seattle Genetics



SPLICE is an independent, privately held healthcare advertising agency based in Emeryville, Calif. Management says the company was founded by individuals with significant tenure in healthcare communications agencies. The partners – Paul Hagopian, Joshua McCasland, Jonathan Peischl, Kevin Stokes, and KC Maher – manage the company and play vital roles in each SPLICE account.

Recent accomplishments

2018 was a year that brought together our experience, skills, and vision with a proven track record for successful brand marketing in the healthcare marketplace,” SPLICE executives say. “Since our formation in 2016, we have been fortunate enough to have launched five brands, and we are working with several other companies on upcoming launches. SPLICE achieved significant growth in 2018, expanding to 27 full-time employees and moving to spacious new digs in Emeryville.”
According to agency management, business-wise 2018 was a strong year for SPLICE, with a major agency-of-record win with Santen Pharmaceutical and pulling off a major HCP and DTC launch with Rigel Pharmaceuticals. “We made significant investments in senior level talent across creative, account, and program management,” the leadership team says. During 2018, SPLICE was selected as one of MM&M’s “Agencies to Watch.”


Agency managers say from strategy to implementation, SPLICE provides a full complement of services to develop a brand’s strategic foundation, execute personal and non-personal engagements, and ensure organizational alignment.
‘We are a versatile, experienced group with expertise across print, digital, and live experiential channels.”
Core competencies include brand strategy and creative development for healthcare providers and patients/consumers; execution in print, digital, and live experiential. “From strategy to implementation, SPLICE has the services to develop a brand’s strategic foundation, execute personal and non-personal engagements facing healthcare providers and consumers/patients, and ensure organizational alignment,” agency management says.
According to the leadership team, “SPLICE is nothing without our values. It all starts with the idea of ‘One Voice, One Mind.’ It’s a driving philosophy that is as important within the walls of SPLICE as it is with the brands we work on. Simply put, it’s all about unifying diverse opinions, goals, and objectives to create a powerful and cohesive whole that speaks with consistency and conviction. This aspirational mission is grounded in three guiding principles: Brand Comes First, Creativity without Walls, and Make the Moment. All components inform the decisions we make every day with each other and the brands we work on.”
SPLICE’s operating philosophy plays a vital role in its internal operations, as well as in client engagements. “‘One Voice, One Mind’ was developed with the purpose of uniting an organization around a single brand vision and story. But this is about more than a philosophy; we have engineered a process that puts this unifying approach into practice. We start with the end in mind and develop a strategic brand foundation out of which the customer-facing brand story, creative campaign, personal engagement programs, non-personal tactical initiatives, and organizational alignment and training are architected and executed upon.”
At SPLICE, “We are proud of the work we do and we are even prouder of how we get it done – the relationships we have with our clients, the transparency and trust that has been forged between us, and the sincere and honest partnership that takes place on a daily basis. We truly love what we do, and the fantastic working relationships we have with our clients are at the core of that,” according to the management team.


As the agency settles into new office space, SPLICE is thinking big for 2019. “One event we’re highly anticipating in 2019 is the American Society of Clinical Oncology, where we will be building an interactive engagement experience in partnership with Duff Goldman, Food TV celebrity,” SPLICE executives say. “This experience will be a celebration of the strength of oncology patients and a reflection on sweet moments in life. Over the course of two days, Duff and his Charm City Cakes team will construct a 400 pound edible installation, concluding with a ceremony in celebration of cancer survivors.”
“We’re a growing, hungry agency always looking out for the best new talent to raise our game,” managers say. “With several product launches anticipated in the coming year, we will continue to bring in exciting talent looking to make a positive impact in the industry. We look forward to multiple launches, new indications, and expanding our services offerings regarding digital strategy, artificial intelligence, and beyond.”


SPLICE partners with Project Open Hand, a Bay Area nonprofit organization that provides nourishing meals to ill and elderly members of the SF community. “Their belief of ‘food is medicine’ is one we share, and we are proud to partner with them on their promotional strategies and executions.”
Being in the Bay Area, SPLICE management believes in investing in the local community. The agency uses local printers, photographers, developers, and others to give back to the community as a whole.