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STRIKEFORCE Communications: 2019

Written by: | | Dated: Saturday, April 20th, 2019


STRIKEFORCE Communications LLC

1 Little West 12th Street
New York, NY 10014


Quick Facts
Account wins 4
Active business clients 6

Brands by 2018 sales
$50 million-$100 million 1
$100 million-$500 million 2
$1 billion or more 3

Services mix
Consumer broadcast 50%
Consumer print 30%
Patient education 10%
Sales materials 10%

Client roster
Michael J. Fox Foundation
Mobius Therapeutics


As the sun set on 2018, agency leaders say STRIKEFORCE celebrated its biggest win since its inception in 2008 – reaching the enviable 10-year milestone.
With a decade of making history, the agency paused to recognize its radically different way of doing business, which has attracted more than 26 clients, four of the industry’s top 20 blockbuster brands, and over $100 million in revenue since opening its doors, according to STRIKEFORCE executives.

Recent accomplishments

While STRIKEFORCE took a brief moment to celebrate the success of its own business, winning new business was the name of the game in 2018,” management says.
According to agency leaders, STRIKEFORCE started its march by powering through a minor bump in the road (the loss of Gilead’s Epclusa due to agency consolidation), and immediately replaced that business with the award of Gilead’s HIV franchise work, including both strategic and creative duties.
With the agency’s sights set on more, STRIKEFORCE won three back-to-back assignments from Acadia (Nuplazid), NxStage Medical, and Mobius Therapeutics.
“It’s no secret that the STRIKEFORCE Secret Visitors campaign for Acadia raised eyebrows in 2018,” management says. “After garnering attention from those with the condition, as well as those within the industry – winning for Best Unbranded Campaign at the 2018 DTC National – Acadia awarded STRIKEFORCE its branded business for Nuplazid, which resulted in another groundbreaking, multichannel campaign, ‘Didn’t Know, Didn’t Tell.’”
Executives say “Didn’t Know. Didn’t Tell” illuminates the disruptive dynamic for those living with advancing Parkinson’s (and their caregivers) and dimensionalizes how Nuplazid can make an important difference.
To illustrate the impact of Parkinson’s disease psychosis, the story is told from the caregiver’s perspective. “This outside-in vantage point is critical in capturing the raw authenticity of the dynamic and devastating impact of the disease,” management says, adding that this is furthered through dramatic camera angles focused on the Parkinson’s disease psychosis patient as a means of establishing empathy, connectivity, and inspiring action.
According to agency managers, “Didn’t Know, Didn’t Tell” is a finalist for Best Branded DTC Campaign at the upcoming 2019 DTC National.
In 2018, Fresenius Medical Care announced that it would acquire NxStage Medical – “two world-class leaders in the dialysis space,” agency managers say.
“As part of this important collaboration, STRIKEFORCE was tapped to perform a strategic assessment and analysis of the brands and their offerings across multiple stakeholders,” agency leaders say. “This foundational blueprint provided perspective for both companies and the ability to identify strong suits and areas for optimization given the impending integration.”
According to managers, over the past decade, STRIKEFORCE has established itself as a leader in the eye care category, having served as a principal partner with blue chip companies such as Alcon and Ziemer across a wide range of OTC, Rx, and medical device products. As a result of this work, Mobius Therapeutics, a leader in the ophthalmic perioperative space, awarded its business to STRIKEFORCE. Mobius manufactures a state-of-the-art delivery system and is the only FDA-approved formulation of ophthalmic mitomycin-C. STRIKEFORCE is responsible for strategic and creative work for this revolutionary client.
Beyond new clients, STRIKEFORCE also embarked on creating new working relationships with organizations such as the Roskamp Institute (dedicated to conducting scientific research and discovering new drug therapies to treat diseases of the mind, such as Alzheimer’s) and MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program, with a focus on creating new communications models, agency leaders say.


Managements says STRIKEFORCE is a highly entrepreneurial marketing communications agency, with a philosophy that is based on the concept of “Precision Pairing.” By design, the agency operates through an open-source structure that allows STRIKEFORCE to tap into its network of talent and resources, including agency alliances, and specifically choose the right talent and expertise for each client, resulting in truly customized solutions, lower costs, streamlined workflow, and a more powerful end result.
According to agency executives, STRIKEFORCE offers a suite of integrated services, including strategic/brand planning, creative development/execution, insight mining, media planning/buying, search, database management, and digital. The agency has applied these services from sales support to TV, print, radio, CRM, promotion, in-office, and interactive.


The STRIKEFORCE mission is to help more clients recognize the unparalleled value of an open-source model to help them achieve a commanding edge in the marketplace,” management says. “To accomplish this, the agency will continue to expand its network of top-level talent and alliance partners, which is currently at more than 300.”


Agency management says STRIKEFORCE is a supporter of Children First, a Sarasota, Florida–based organization that serves more than 600 of Sarasota County’s most vulnerable children, birth to five years old, and their families. The agency also supports Mass General Oncology, Alex’s Lemonade Stand for Childhood Cancer, and Team USA BMX in the race against juvenile diabetes.

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