SubjectWell releases data on liver disease patients, taking a closer look at their likelihood to participate in research as cases continue to rise

SubjectWell, the largest risk-free clinical trials marketplace, released statistics on patients’ attitudes toward clinical research, specifically those with liver diseases. 

SubjectWell recently surveyed 561 at-risk patients ages 50+ with type 2 diabetes – which included 74 diagnosed NASH and FLD patients – to understand their attitudes toward FLD and NASH clinical trial participation.  

  • Patients with either NAFLD or NASH were 21% more likely to report a willingness to participate in a trial for their diagnosed condition than an undiagnosed patient’s likelihood of participating in a trial they were at high-risk of developing.

Additionally, with FLD and NASH proven to disproportionately affect Hispanic communities, SubjectWell looked at how ethnicity could play a role in FLD and NASH clinical research participation:

  • 88% of Hispanics are likely to report helping others who are suffering from liver disease and helping to advance science as motivators for participating in clinical research, as compared to 79% of Non-Hispanics.

  • 78% of Hispanics report that obtaining education about treatment is yet another motivator for clinical trial participation, as compared to 70% of Non-Hispanics.

More survey data can be found here: