Swoop launches predictive AI targeting, the next generation of healthcare marketing

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Swoop launches predictive AI targeting, the next generation of healthcare marketing

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Swoop, the leading provider of custom direct to consumer (DTC) and healthcare provider (HCP) audiences, today launched its portfolio of predictive AI targeting to help pharmaceutical and life sciences advertisers proactively engage audiences at critical decision points in the diagnosis and treatment journey. Building on its predictive AI adherence targeting launched in September 2023, Swoop’s new audiences allow healthcare marketers to target patients and providers prior to a diagnosis, those most likely to adopt a newly launched therapy or progress to a new line of treatment and those with ideal formulary coverage.

“Swoop’s first-to-market predictive AI targeting allows brands to further refine their healthcare marketing, helping advertisers fill critical information gaps in the patient and provider journey,” said Swoop President, Scott Rines. “While historically, real world data has been used to target based on what happened in the past, predictive AI targeting allows advertisers to peer into the future and engage audiences based on what likely will happen in the moments that matter from pre-diagnosis to living with the condition.”

Using advanced algorithms and real world data, Swoop’s predictive AI targeting develops highly precise segments for activation at five critical inflection points in the diagnosis and treatment journey, linking patients and providers, for converged targeting:

  • Undiagnosed: Target undiagnosed patients and their healthcare ecosystems with disease state awareness messaging to accelerate time to diagnosis
  • Rapid Adopter: Predict physicians most likely to adopt a new-to-market therapy based on prior clinical behavior along with likely switchers for more efficient product launch campaigns.
  • Formulary: Activate patients with ideal formulary profiles, along with their associated care teams, for better informed treatment decisions aligned to coverage.
  • Adherence: Proactively engage the patients most likely to become non-adherent in the next 30 days, in conjunction with their HCPs, to ensure treatment continuity.
  • Progression: Uncover and target patients most likely to progress to a new line of therapy and their affiliated providers before a treatment plan is put into place.

“The healthcare journey, from initial consultation to diagnosis, treatment and continuing care, is multifaceted, intricate and unique for every patient,” added Rines. “Pharmaceutical and life sciences brands face distinct challenges during commercialization, grappling with efficiently reaching and effectively engaging the right audience at the right decision-point. Swoop’s predictive segments address these challenges, providing marketers with a new set of tools to optimize targeting, which leads to better patient outcomes, higher conversion and Rx lift.”

Predictive AI segments can be integrated into existing DTC and HCP campaigns, offering comprehensive and cohesive audience engagement across all channels, and can be applied to any condition – common or rare, sensitive or non-sensitive. Swoop is HIPAA-certified, a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and all its technology is built on a patented privacy-by-design data infrastructure.


Swoop, part of Real Chemistry, enables pharmaceutical and life sciences brands to reach their ideal DTC and HCP audiences at crucial moments of their diagnosis and treatment journey. Using ML/AI and real world data, Swoop is the leader in developing brand-exclusive audiences of patients and their providers for healthcare advertisers. Built on a privacy-by-design foundation, Swoop is both HIPAA-certified and NAI accredited, having developed more than 12,000 unique target segments for 42 of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies safely. 

Source: Business Wire