The top pharma companies in 2021 continued to be engaged in creating vaccines and therapeutics, and the investments in R&D led to greater revenue and earnings.

Through its Alexion subsidiary, AstraZeneca is acquiring Lexington, Mass.-based LogicBio Therapeutics in a deal worth $68 million. The deal bolsters AstraZeneca’s efforts in genomics and rare diseases.

In the decision, a judge ruled for Illumina and rejected the FTC’s position that the deal would adversely affect competition in a putative market for multi-cancer early detection (MCED) tests.

In a Securities and Exchange Commission report filed Thursday, Zymergen revealed it is cutting 80 more jobs and parting ways with Zach Serber, its co-founder and chief scientific officer, on Sept. 22.

AstraZeneca may not stay in the vaccine business in the long run, its CEO told Reuters on Tuesday, showing how quickly fortunes have changed for the drugmaker that produced one of the first COVID-19 shots but has since lost out to rivals.

Plunging valuations have made biotech companies tempting acquisition targets for cash-rich Big Pharma and a flurry of deals is just what the battered sector needs to turn a corner.

For many in the biotech space, the pandemic was a chance to prove their worth, creating vaccines in record time and, for some, earning significant profits. Now, with the pandemic receding amidst rumblings of a global recession, the industry is facing what some consider the worst times since its inception.

Ginkgo Bioworks is acquiring Zymergen for around $300 million to utilize its data science and machine learning capabilities for a wide range of biological engineering approaches. 

The full-service agency Emcay is uniquely designed to provide a perfect balance of pharmaceutical knowledge and multicultural insight. Fingerpaint Marketing also announced the creation of Fingerpaint Multicultural, a specialty offering that will focus solely on Pharmacultural® marketing.

Guidemark Health and Cyan Health have today rebranded, changing their names to Lumanity. The two agencies were acquired by Lumanity in 2021.