British Blackford Analysis’ artificial intelligence systems help diagnose disease from medical images and will boost Bayer’s radiology business.

A peer-reviewed study published in Journal of Clinical Medicine validates the use of Biobeat’s wrist monitor for advanced noninvasive hemodynamic monitoring in HF patients.

Klick Group announced today that longtime McKinsey & Company executive Brian C. Fox has joined as President to help lead the company’s growth as the premier provider of end-to-end commercialization services for life sciences companies. Fox brings deep expertise in market strategy, product launches, sales force effectiveness, medical affairs, market access, clinical development, and corporate affairs.

Changes are ahead for professionals in life sciences sales and marketing, and medical affairs. From the widening gap between AI-users and those companies still holding out; to the next evolution in AI, and how companies will seek to make it more practical on a global scale; to the impact of AI on leveraging digital opinion leaders to get more clinical evidence in the hands of doctors, Aktana offers its predictions for the coming year.

The vision is three-fold: uncover disease biology with AI; use these insights to design the right molecules; determine the right patient population for clinical trial success.  

The companies have initiated a research agreement supporting the development of new AI-ECG algorithm to help identify patients who may be at risk of cardiac amyloidosis.

New AI technology holds the key to improving knowledge exchange and implementation in real-world clinical practice.

Part III: Leaders in healthcare marketing and communications explain where technology will have the most impact on the industry.

For the fifteenth year, MedAdNews has chosen new Pharmaceutical Marketing Ventures to Watch that could change the way pharmaceutical products are marketed and sold.

The use of artificial intelligence and natural language processing is already transforming the process of systematic literature reviews – which means better research, better information for healthcare communicators, and better outcomes for patients.