The federal indictment alleged the two executives engaged in “false and misleading representations and material omissions” regarding the development of experimental monoclonal antibody leronlimab.

The year 2022 was relatively thin for pharma M&A, with deals worth nearly $66 billion being announced by early December. However, drugmakers are primed for a shopping spree in 2023.

Apellis is submitting additional 24-month efficacy data to supplement the NDA for its intravitreal candidate pegcetacoplan for GA secondary to AMD.

Indegene will leverage its healthcare domain expertise and experience in operating digital centers of excellence to help streamline AstraZeneca’s global content supply chain and orchestrate personalized customer journeys in an agile, global engagement model.

PTC Therapeutics forged a financing deal valued at up to $1 billion with Blackstone that will allow it to deliver one new therapy every two or three years, the New Jersey-based biotech reported.

Funding initiatives this week saw money flow into cancer, rare liver diseases, respiratory depression, chemotherapy-related toxicities and a cutting-edge machine learning platform, while a biotech start-up guns for an IPO.

The lawsuit accused Biogen of directing millions of dollars in kickbacks to doctors to prescribe its MS drugs Avonex, Tysabri and Tecfidera from 2009 to 2014, with kickbacks delivered in the form of “sham” consulting deals and speaker programs as well as lavish dinners and entertainment.

Six months after its official launch by Flagship Ventures, Massachusetts-based Vesalius Therapeutics is laying off 43% of its staff. With a current headcount of 67, the company is slashing 29 jobs.

Advanced insights from CytoReason’s disease models will support Pfizer’s drug development process.

The United States is in the early days of a recession and the biotech industry is in a bit of a slump. CEOs can take heart, however, by applying the lessons of previous recessions to business today and understanding what is different about the current situation.