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A company executive stated that Gilead will be able to quadruple production of its cell therapy cancer treatments by 2026 due to improvements in the U.S. biotech’s manufacturing processes.

BioNTech is making moves in early 2024 to strengthen its CAR T pipeline, with a $250 million licensing and manufacturing deal announced Thursday with Autolus Therapeutics to advance the companies’ respective programs.

Kyverna Therapeutics will debut on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker symbol KYTX after announcing that it is putting up for sale 14.5 million shares of its common stock for $22 apiece in an upsized initial public offering.

The agency is investigating reports of secondary blood cancers in patients who have received certain CAR T cell therapies, but experts say the risk is low and is outweighed by the terminal nature of some cancers.

Cellares, the first Integrated Development and Manufacturing Organization dedicated to clinical and industrial-scale cell therapy manufacturing, announced that global biopharmaceutical company and cell therapy leader Bristol Myers Squibb will enter a second proof-of-concept tech transfer process for the manufacture of a CAR-T cell therapy, as part of the Cellares Technology Adoption Partnership program. As part of this expanded agreement, Cellares will optimize, automate, and tech-transfer the additional CAR-T cell therapy process onto its automated manufacturing platform, the Cell Shuttle.

As pharma marketers, we strive to be patient-centric. We create and analyze patient journeys, conduct in-depth research, and even co-create materials, all with the focus of creating personalized, engaging campaigns that empower and educate patients. Sometimes, though, the science takes a leap of such breadth and scale that it changes the very concept and meaning of patient-centricity.

Five patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) are in remission after receiving CAR T cell therapy, according to a study published Thursday in Nature Medicine.

With $165 million in the bank, Capstan Therapeutics launched Wednesday to combine the potency of cell therapy with the precision of genetic medicines against various difficult-to-treat diseases.

Roche signed a $6 billion-plus collaboration deal with Poseida Therapeutics on blood cancers, while its Alzheimer’s partner, AC Immune, parsed failed data on an Alzheimer’s drug to suggest a positive spin.

CAR T therapies have revolutionized oncology patient care. But to ensure the often lifesaving benefits of these therapies reach the right patients, life sciences companies must navigate complex decision-making and treatment processes to maximize uptake.