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Health economic models do a specifically great job at helping us gain insight to explain, predict, and understand the value drivers for a therapy. These insights thereby enable companies to more precisely plan clinical trial design, other evidence development, and commercial strategy.

Under the terms, biotech firm Roivant will be responsible for funding the development and will retain commercialization rights for RVT-3101, once approved, in the United States and Japan.

Elevalt’s 4Ps proprietary algorithms are the culmination of six years of refining omnichannel execution and are the foundation of the company’s data-driven approach to commercialization.

Together, EVERSANA and Compai Pharma will provide medical and commercial resources to healthcare partners to support full market implementation and development for life science and pharmaceutical companies ready to expand into these markets.

Thanks to the meteoric rise of digital health, the role of data and analytics has also become central across the drug development life cycle, impacting every touch point from pipeline research and development to clinical trial design and implementation. A critical area that has fallen short, however, is applying a commensurate level of enthusiasm and expense for market research in the early phase as that afforded to downstream commercialization efforts. Compounding this challenge is the continued marginalization of disenfranchised communities.