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Unlike their Big Pharma cousins, most start-ups just don’t have the same level of launch experience, and they also lack much of the key infrastructure taken for granted in the top ten organizations; and of course launch revenue is critical for a fledgling company.

If there is one thing we’ve learned from the COVID pandemic, it’s that there’s probably too much verbiage floating around regarding what we’ve learned from the COVID pandemic. But the tides really are shifting. Not only in the way we work but the way we think about work, and the way we value ourselves. 

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled the industry to re-examine the way it conducted clinical trials, engaged with patients, and promoted to HCPs. Companies began to explore decentralized clinical trials, new non-personal promotion strategies, virtual customer engagement strategies, and new ways to engage with the patient — all with an eye toward replacing status quo processes and technologies. The result was the accelerated development of new clinical and commercial technologies and data with the ultimate goal of bringing new therapies to patients faster.

Understanding and applying health literacy principles is about empowering people to find, discern, and use information to improve their own health, or the health of those they care for. Clear communication, achieved with the support of health literacy principles, makes healthcare spaces more equitable and accessible for everyone.

Together, EVERSANA and Compai Pharma will provide medical and commercial resources to healthcare partners to support full market implementation and development for life science and pharmaceutical companies ready to expand into these markets.