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Emergent BioSolutions said Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $50 million to settle claims related to a terminated manufacturing deal for the latter’s COVID-19 vaccine.

The deal boosts GSK’s messenger RNA credentials and extending the German biotech company’s financial lifeline.

The experimental vaccine, which met the main trial goal, was being tested in more than 11,000 people aged 12 years and older.

The FDA reviewers said since the difference between JN.1 and newer subvariants such as KP.2 subvariants is not much, it is possible that vaccines developed against JN.1 may adequately protect against KP.2.

Sanofi announced a deal worth up to $1.4 billion with Novavax on Friday for its COVID-19 vaccine, giving the Maryland-based biotech a much-needed boost to its struggling business. 

China’s vaccine developers stuck with unused mRNA COVID shots and idle manufacturing plants are pursuing new targets for the novel messenger RNA technology, but they face a tough path, crimped by a lack of revenue.

The updated Novavax shot, which was authorized in the U.S. last month, targets a descendant of the XBB lineage of the coronavirus that was globally predominant earlier this year.

The mRNA-based shot was initially approved as a booster in August, becoming Japan’s first home-grown shot for the coronavirus.

Looking beyond the coronavirus business, the company has renewed its focus on a growing development pipeline in oncology, which includes use of the mRNA technology pioneered in the vaccine as well as precision anti-cancer drugs from a class known as antibody-drug conjugates and therapies based on modified immune cells.

As vaccines for COVID-19 and, for older people, RSV and pneumococcal disease join the annual flu shot as routine care recommendations for adults, healthcare professionals are increasingly concerned over getting the word out, vaccine fatigue and logistical hurdles. Biopharma companies are betting there will be a market for vaccines that combine protection against two or more diseases in a single jab.