Creativity is resourcefulness. Creativity is understanding different perspectives and possibilities. It’s touching the outside influences.

In an industry with very narrow parameters, there’s still always an opportunity to be creative.

Today, agency execs and junior art directors alike are exploring how generative AI can expand their creative product, improve their technological prowess, and increase efficiency in order to set them apart from the competition.

Horizon Therapeutics achieved third place in the 2022 OCI top companies ranking namely for its “Gout Revisited” campaign, which seeks to remove the stigma of gout, a disease that has been largely coined as an affliction of the “overindulgent, rich white man.” Keli Walbert, executive vice president, U.S. Operations, at Horizon Therapeutics shared insights with MedAdNews about the company’s strategy in debunking gout myths and steering the message in the right direction. 

IPG Health today announced the launch of Humancare, a new healthcare communications agency dedicated to making humans care. Drawing on empathy, data-driven insights and creativity, the new agency creates experiences for providers and patients that inspire action and drive behavior change. Humancare’s capabilities include brand strategy, creative, brand engagement and more, helping humans be better, live better and get better.