The Class I recall affects nearly 250,000 devices.

That means a 14-day regimen of the drug would translate to a price of $193,900, the company said on a conference call.

Using a special desktop camera, AEYE takes images from each eye and through artificial intelligence it captures and analyzes data of the retina that helps diagnose diseases, including diabetes, that could lead to blindness.

For all its forays elsewhere, diabetes remains the bedrock of Lilly’s business – and, if the Mounjaro launch goes as hoped, will continue to be so for a long time to come.

Merck’s exceptional revenue growth in 2021 and the first half of 2022 came thanks to three big brands, one of which is not even approved by the FDA yet.

Supply problems with the weight loss drug Wegovy were a stumbling block to growth, but Novo Nordisk has rallied.

Novo Nordisk and Massachusetts-based Octagon Therapeutics announced Tuesday that they forged a research collaboration focused on inflammatory diseases.

A U.S. panel tasked with weighing the pros and cons of regular diabetes screening for children and adolescents found a lack of evidence for the testing, even as the proportion of U.S. youths with type 2 diabetes has doubled since 2001.

Researchers studying Alzheimer’s disease have published new studies supporting links between Alzheimer’s and other diseases, as well as potential risk factors for developing the disease later in life.

Confirming the $450 million investment, Abbott’s senior vice-president for diabetes care, Jared Watkin, told the Irish Times that choosing Ireland for its increased production of devices that monitor glucose levels made strategic sense.