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Under the agreement, Dr. Reddy’s gets exclusive commercialization rights in the United States as well as semi-exclusive rights in Europe and United Kingdom, and Alvotech will be responsible for development and manufacture of the product.

Under the agreement, Novo Nordisk has obtained all exclusive rights to develop and commercialize EraCal’s oral small molecule asset to control appetite and body weight with an eye toward treating obesity.

Pharmacovigilance translations must be done carefully, as the accuracy of translated documents has a direct impact on information evaluation and patient health and well-being. However, with volumes of non-English source documents increasing, the speed at which these translations are completed is also crucial, as any delays in communication can lead to serious consequences, such as harm to patients, legal liability, and missed regulatory deadlines for adverse event reporting.

To enable their science to change the world, pharma companies need an in-depth understanding of their market, including doctors, potential patients, and payers, as well as a plan on how to navigate it most effectively. This includes understanding their target audience, as well as the relevant channels they need to utilize in order to engage with that audience.

As the industry leader in delivering complementary, integrated and specialized capabilities across the commercialization continuum, Fulling will be accountable for the overall strategy, organizational leadership, financial performance, and next-level growth of this market-leading commercial enterprise.

As clinical stage biotech and pharmaceutical firms face unprecedented challenges in raising capital to fund their clinical trial program, strategic trade-offs are coming fast and furious. One of those at the top of the list is when and how to build a commercialization strategy, including navigating the complex work of securing market access.