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Recruiting and retaining the right talent is an ongoing process, and challenge, for many healthcare agencies. Jeralyn Mastroianni, chief people officer at Fingerpaint Group, fills Med Ad News in on some of the traits the agency looks for in talent and how they maintain an effective and positive culture.

Brannon Cashion, president of specialty services at Fingerpaint Group, shares with Med Ad News how intentional integration and collaboration are key factors in building a successful organization, along with the role that market access and medical communications play.

Global President of Fingerpaint Group Bill McEllen speaks with Med Ad News about how the agency’s entrepreneurial spirit and its passionate people foster a culture that inspires creativity, and more.

2022 was a transformative year for Fingerpaint Group, as the network trailblazed and redefined what a dynamic network in the healthcare industry looks and feels like. As an integrated collective of healthcare companies that offers commercialization solutions spanning the full product life cycle, this group of 800-plus proudly rejects the status quo.

Fingerpaint Group further enforces its commitment to the space, marking its second market access acquisition in 3 years.

Aligning with Fingerpaint Group’s over-all growth strategy, this is the company’s third acquisition in the medical communications space in two years. The addition boosts its capabilities in oncology and biologics.

The honor comes as Fingerpaint Group continues to add best-in-class healthcare solutions to its portfolio.

Elevalt’s 4Ps proprietary algorithms are the culmination of six years of refining omnichannel execution and are the foundation of the company’s data-driven approach to commercialization.