NYF Health Awards releases “Grand Jury Sit Down” interviews with Adam Hessel, Ogilvy Health CCO and executive jury president.

Chris Ozanian will be responsible for expanding on JUICE’S ongoing digital success with clients who are craving omnichannel leadership and a customer-focused approach to digital marketing.

We know that a lack of diversity in healthcare settings can lead to harmful disparities in health outcomes, but a lack of diversity in messaging can also make people less likely to seek care in the first place. While social media influencers are working to change narratives and correct harmful assumptions around race, gender, and sex in the medical field, every sector of healthcare can work to understand the importance of diversity, conquer biases and stigma, and improve representation.

The healthcare marketing and analytics leader expands their Measurement Suite to include unprecedented audience and campaign insights.

Part I: Leaders in healthcare marketing and communications reflect on the push to attract and retain industry talent.

Part V: Leaders in healthcare marketing and communications share their thoughts on what excites them about the year ahead.

At Med Ad News, we strive to continue the conversation about diversity, inclusion, and health equity – and in our December issue, we’ve placed a strong focus on these topics. 

One of the advantages of leveraging behavioral science in healthcare marketing is that it provides marketers with powerful tools to do what we do best: solve problems. Once we are able to identify the unique behavioral barriers at play, the science leads us toward solutions that are likely to be successful in addressing them. But what happens when we are faced with behavioral challenges that are not so clearly solvable?

The privately-held, full-service global creative marketing communications agency focused on healthcare has appointed Katya Petrova to chief business officer with the responsibility of providing JUICE clients with direction and oversight from inception through execution.