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Ashfield Event Experiences, part of Inizio Engage XD, has teamed up with the IPCAA (International Pharmaceutical Congress Advisory Association) to address how healthcare provider (HCP) behaviors and attitudes towards medical congresses and conventions have been impacted by the return of in-person events.

Findings from November’s Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report showed that access to compliant chat expands the engagement channel mix, more than doubling digital touchpoints with HCPs while maintaining or increasing in-person meetings.

Market access has been and continues to be an important process, and as of late many agencies have been boosting their capabilities in this area. We recently caught up with Ellen Cappellino, the new executive director of value, access, and reimbursement at Klick Health and the agency’s chief medical officer, Holly Henry, to discuss current market access issues and its future.

Achieving omnichannel excellence requires a cohesive strategy and a working style that supports collaboration across the enterprise. Organizational silos often prevent this from happening, even when teams have the best of intentions.

While high-speed broadband, faster and smarter devices are the universal standards, AI-enabled digital technologies are now becoming the new norm, redefining and reshaping the patient-HCP dynamics. This has led to the emergence of micro moments in the HCPs’ professional journey, opening opportunities for lifesciences marketers to tap into them to effectively engage their target audience on the digital medium.

Pharma companies are striving to convey the true impact of diseases on patients while continuing to empower them.

“Competition in this market is necessary to protect patients from higher health care prices that could be passed on if the cost of marketing health care products increases due to reduced competition. The FTC contends the deal would also reduce innovation in this emerging industry, potentially harming patients by preventing doctors and other health care practitioners from learning about useful pharmaceutical products,” the FTC states.

To help address the need for more content-focused solutions to reach HCPs more effectively, Havas Health & You has formed a global partnership with Evermed, a technology company whose modular content hubs power personalized video content delivery for life science companies and HCPs.