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Riding the growing wave of interest in molecular glue degraders, Takeda has partnered with Chinese biotech Degron Therapeutics to develop novel therapies for oncology, neuroscience and inflammation.

Created in partnership with individuals living with HS and their dermatologists, this new campaign features stories of those living with HS, informational videos, and interactive tools and resources for those seeking management options, daily care, and information about HS.

The companies established three multi-year collaborations leveraging Tentarix’s proprietary Tentacle platform to discover and develop multi-functional, conditional protein therapeutics for oncology and inflammatory diseases.

Following a May 2023 settlement with Amgen, J&J has also signed an agreement with Teva and Alvotech, allowing their Stelara biosimilar to enter the U.S. no later than February 21, 2025.

Last year CDER approved 37 new drugs never before approved or marketed in the U.S., known as “novel” drugs, as noted in its annual New Drug Therapy Approvals report. The agency also approved drugs in new settings, such as for new uses and patient populations.

Apogee Therapeutics sprang onto the immunology/inflammatory scene Wednesday heavy on capital but light on salient pipeline details.

British drug discovery company C4X Discovery said AstraZeneca signed a license worth up $402 million to develop an oral therapy for the treatment of inflammatory and respiratory diseases using its NRF2 Activator programme.

2022 has been marked by the first year of leadership under CEO Joaquin Duato and the anticipated separation of the company’s consumer health business.