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Survey of life sciences experts found 70% recognize potential for AI, but many are struggling to get started or implement it at scale due to challenges including data integrity and interoperability.

In the sea of content today, customers – HCPs and consumers alike – are overwhelmed with information. This content might be reaching them, but not effectively resonating and activating them to change behaviors. Cutting through this noise requires creative effectiveness that can only happen by harnessing the right data, technology and AI to drive next level audience understanding and as such, next level engagement.

Part III: A look at how artificial intelligence is affecting innovation in marketing and promotion, and working with clients.

The introduction of technology interoperability regulations and advancements in artificial intelligence, implementing technology tools can significantly reduce the burden at every level of organization operations. It can also improve the success rates of clinical trials and accelerate the development of new treatment options for the patients who need them. 

In December 2021, the FDA issued draft guidance to lifescience researchers on evaluating EHR and claims data in studies to support regulatory decisions. This new draft guidance covers using real-world data from these sources to support regulatory decisions on both safety and effectiveness.