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Pharma brands are finding new and compelling ways to deliver real, live customer experiences, and they aren’t always what you’d expect.

At this year’s SXSW, amid the whirlwind of tech and culture, a clear yearning pulsed through its presentations and panels: a quest for authenticity, humanity, and a raw, unfiltered sense of realness.

Rare disease numbers are staggering no matter how you look at them. Behind these staggering numbers lies another story – the more compelling story of individuals struggling an average of 4.8, to as many as 8 years, along the arduous journey to diagnosis and treatment of their rare disease.

While there is no shortage of customer engagement initiatives underway, we observe that most of these efforts fall short of being truly “customer-centric.” Instead, they tend to be driven by the promise of technology and narrowly focused on brand or business needs, rather than embracing an “outside-in approach” that puts the customer first. 

Artificial intelligence is on the cusp of drastically changing how we access information and the industry behind it. Since the launch of Google in the mid-’90s, when people needed to ask a question or find information they jumped to a search engine. While we have come a long way from the original 10 blue links, the search industry has not seen such a watershed moment in its lifespan, as it does now. 

Nearly nine in ten (89 percent) of website users with disabilities said that they encounter accessibility issues that make it challenging to interact with websites or other digital experiences offered by brands, according to a survey by Acquia.

Researchers from Analysis Group have coauthored the first large-scale study that revealed racial disparities in treatment, survival, and access to care among patients with metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer (mCSPC) since the first novel hormonal therapy was approved in 2018.

In her role on the company’s finance team, Paloma Cuprill works closely with the operations department to develop financial reports, maintain the general ledger, perform account reconciliations, and provide fiscal analysis aimed at supporting the overall financial health of the organization.

The pharma-first partnership gives CMI clients automated and efficient paths to navigate the complexities of audience engagement and regulatory compliance while turning static videos into interactive, immersive stories to engage both consumer and HCP audiences. 

The most popular social media platform at the moment is TikTok, but as the current administration cracks down on monopolies, anticompetitive practices, as well as media companies under foreign ownership, the future of TikTok hangs in the balance.