Torrillo Smith will lead the Calcium division, including oversight of all healthcare advertising engagements.

The agreement to acquire ConcentricLife, which is a subsidiary of Stagwell, reinforces Accenture Song’s continued investment in creating end-to-end solutions for its Life Sciences clients through relevant communications and experiences attuned to the ever-evolving lives of today’s patients and healthcare professionals.

Building a loyal audience of brand evangelists.

Achieving omnichannel excellence requires a cohesive strategy and a working style that supports collaboration across the enterprise. Organizational silos often prevent this from happening, even when teams have the best of intentions.

The Curry Rockefeller Group (CRG) is a full-service medical communications company, based in Tarrytown, NY.

Fishawack Health announces today that it is unifying under the new name and brand, Avalere Health. Avalere Health is purposefully built to be the leading, global commercialization partner for changemaking healthcare companies looking to maximize the value of their portfolios while connecting patients to life-changing health solutions.

These are exciting times for U.S. health care: market access disruption is upon us. It’s great news for patients – and with an informed approach to access strategies, it could be great news for pharma brands, too.  

“Curtis is a former payer who is invaluable to the strategic arm of our business, integral to the high quality of work we deliver, and a voice that our clients and employees respect,” said John Guarino, president and managing partner of Peregrine Market Access. “Promoting Curtis to the highest level of leadership at the company reflects his indispensable role and my confidence in him to help take our company to the next level.”

For Novo Nordisk, Ozempic is the game changer that has propelled the company to new heights, but mastering the supplies of its semaglutide drugs, especially Wegovy, is the current challenge.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to recede, the top pharma companies intensified their focus into areas such as cancer and metabolic diseases to build up their pipelines, and their growth prospects, for the future.