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Yesterday Purdue Pharma received U.S. court approval for a 60-day freeze on lawsuits against its owners, members of the wealthy Sackler family, in its first court appearance since a landmark Supreme Court ruling upended its bankruptcy settlement.

The world’s largest generic drugs maker announced on Wednesday that it will divest its active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) unit to focus on its core business.

The Supreme Court is set to hear a challenge by President Joe Biden’s administration to the legality of OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma’s bankruptcy settlement, a deal that if approved would shield its wealthy Sackler family owners from lawsuits over their role in the country’s opioid epidemic.

The justices paused bankruptcy proceedings concerning Purdue and its affiliates and said they would hold oral arguments in December in the administration’s appeal of a lower court’s ruling upholding the settlement.

The U.S. Department of Justice asked the U.S. Supreme Court to stop Purdue Pharma from proceeding with a bankruptcy settlement that protects its Sackler family owners from lawsuits.

More than 3,000 state and local governments will receive nearly $19 billion in payments from drugmakers and pharmacy chains in the most recent round of opioid settlements.

Although still in early-stage testing, Ensysce Biosciences’ formulation has demonstrated the potential to address addiction problems associated with oral oxycodone.

In a report on Wednesday, Chainalysis said people involved in unlawful fentanyl-related transactions typically use cryptocurrency because of its “near-instant, cross-border, and pseudonymous features”.

Indivior’s Opvee is an emergency nasal spray medication to reverse opioid overdose approved for patients aged 12 years and above with signs of respiratory or central nervous system depression.

The approval for OTC use of the naloxone-based nasal spray will help align the federal government’s stance with states that have provisions to offer the drug without prescription at pharmacies.