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The Biden administration appealed a 2023 jury decision, which found that Gilead did not infringe on key government patents in its HIV prevention regimen consisting of the drugs Truvada and Descovy.

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a bid by Vanda Pharmaceuticals to revive patents for its sleep-disorder drug Hetlioz that were previously declared invalid in a dispute with generic drugmakers Teva and Apotex.

The decision reinstates the U.S. International Trade Commission’s import ban and cease and desist order on Apple watches that were found to infringe Masimo’s patented pulse oximetry technology.

The lawsuit was tied to Korlym, Corcept’s drug to treat Cushing’s syndrome, which creates an excess of the hormone cortisol and causes high blood sugar.

Apple on Tuesday appealed a decision to ban imports of its watches based on a complaint from medical monitoring technology company Masimo (MASI.O), after U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration declined to veto a government tribunal.

A German court invalidated a patent that was the basis of a patent violation lawsuit brought by CureVac against its domestic rival BioNTech, in a blow to CureVac’s claims for a share in billions of euros in COVID-19 vaccine revenues.

Drugmaker Eli Lilly convinced a federal judge in Massachusetts on Tuesday to overturn a $176.5 million jury verdict for Teva Pharmaceutical that found Lilly’s migraine drug Emgality infringed three patents related to Teva’s rival drug Ajovy.

A U.S. federal court upheld a prior ruling in favor of Roche’s Genentech, finding that its blockbuster hemophilia treatment Hemlibra did not infringe on patent protections held by Takeda’s Baxalta.

British biopharmaceutical giant GSK sued Pfizer in Delaware federal court on Wednesday, accusing Pfizer’s respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine Abrysvo of violating GSK’s patent rights in its rival RSV shot Arexvy.

Yesterday’s patent settlement comes as the biopharma industry is faced with one of its steepest patent cliffs. By 2030, nearly 200 medicines will go off-patent, of which 69 are blockbuster drugs.