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The combined businesses unlock significant opportunity for clients with strategic, differentiated clinical trial recruitment, engagement and retention approaches, along with compelling creative solutions and best-in-class analytics.

Predictions from Pamela Tenaerts, M.D., chief scientific officer and Alison Holland, executive GM of customer value, Medable.

Through its collaboration with the Oracle Cerner LHN, Syneos Health’s objective is to improve performance throughout the entire clinical trial lifecycle, with a strong emphasis on clinical trial enrollment to help close diversity gaps in patient recruitment.

Over the past decade, mobile devices, sensors, and wearables have become more common in clinical trials, improving patient-centricity and accessibility. However, despite improving patient recruitment, retention, and satisfaction in research, these innovations have also imposed an increased burden on on-site staff – as well as patients.

Med Ad News talked to Ittai Dayan, M.D., co-founder and CEO of Rhino Health, about federated learning in clinical trials.

The company’s expansion into clinical trial recruitment could bring it new streams of revenue from drug companies.

The patient relationship management and contact center technology enables Science 37 to achieve significantly greater patient engagement.