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In its most basic form, market access means ensuring patients can physically get a product. Sounds simple, right?

Market access has been and continues to be an important process, and as of late many agencies have been boosting their capabilities in this area. We recently caught up with Ellen Cappellino, the new executive director of value, access, and reimbursement at Klick Health and the agency’s chief medical officer, Holly Henry, to discuss current market access issues and its future.

Generative AI such as Amazon’s HealthScribe transcribing patient visits may open a whole new world of real-world evidence by organizing unstructured and untapped data sources in EHRs.

The global strategic research consultancy has announced the appointment of Ann-Marie Mulhall to account director.

Industry innovators and change leaders Neil Matheson, John ‘Zeke’ Czekanski, and Scott Roberts have joined forces under the CiTRUS Health Group umbrella to create a robust, boutique strategic consulting business that blends Scientific & Medical Communications with Market Access.

Although the pandemic gave a boost to the drug discovery market, accelerated development in the market will be influenced by effective use of data and analytics.

Matthew W. Reynolds, Ph.D., vice president, scientific affairs, real world solutions, IQVIA, explains how RWE can provide a greater picture of a disease’s progression as well as a blueprint for future outbreaks.

There has been an emphasis on the use of real-world data and real-world evidence in crafting messages for payers. But experts say the insights generated by RWD and RWE are extremely useful in understanding clinicians and patients.

As clinical stage biotech and pharmaceutical firms face unprecedented challenges in raising capital to fund their clinical trial program, strategic trade-offs are coming fast and furious. One of those at the top of the list is when and how to build a commercialization strategy, including navigating the complex work of securing market access.