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Part II: Agencies are striving to make inclusion and representation a priority at their organizations as well as when working with clients.

The importance of diversity in clinical research has gained significant recognition, driven by its potential to reduce healthcare disparities, enhance patient outcomes, enrich medical education, and broaden research methodologies. However, consistent underrepresentation of racial and ethnic minorities in clinical trials poses a barrier to the generalizability of research findings.

The coming decades could see an astounding transformation in drug discovery due to AI. But experts say it’s critical to deal now with potential ethical and social justice landmines that may be encountered on the way to this new era.

To coincide with National Women’s Health Week, Health@WPP, WPP’s health community serving clients across the healthcare sector, is expanding its commitment to better reflect women’s health issues and real-life experiences in marketing.    

We know that a lack of diversity in healthcare settings can lead to harmful disparities in health outcomes, but a lack of diversity in messaging can also make people less likely to seek care in the first place. While social media influencers are working to change narratives and correct harmful assumptions around race, gender, and sex in the medical field, every sector of healthcare can work to understand the importance of diversity, conquer biases and stigma, and improve representation.

World AIDS Day on December 1 is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV and AIDS. It’s also time to take stock, be honest, and realize that we still have work to do to protect our communities.