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Novo Nordisk on Friday announced that it is investing more than $6 billion to boost manufacturing capacity in its home country of Denmark to meet current and future demand for products targeting serious chronic diseases.

The safety panel reviewed data from Novo’s popular diabetes drug Ozempic and weight loss treatment Wegovy, which contain the same active ingredient, semaglutide.

The patients were reported to have suffered hypoglycaemia and seizures, serious side effects that indicate the product contained insulin instead of Ozempic’s active ingredient semaglutide, the health safety regulator BASG said on Monday.

Dialysis giant DaVita raised concerns over Novo Nordisk’s interim analysis of a kidney outcomes study of semaglutide, pointing to the potentially limited applicability of the findings.

Novo Nordisk has warned of a surge in counterfeit versions of its weight-loss drug Wegovy and diabetes drug Ozempic offered online as illegal traders seek to take advantage of their huge popularity, putting users’ health at risk.

Following the recommendations of an independent Data Monitoring Committee, Novo Nordisk has halted a Phase III kidney outcomes study of semaglutide ahead of schedule due to strong efficacy signals.

Kidney dialysis kit-makers look set to be the latest victim of the obesity drug boom. On Wednesday, shares in Germany-listed Fresenius Medical Care fell 20% after a medical trial showed a Novo Nordisk drug can reduce the risk of kidney failure.

The survey of 502 employers by Accolade, a company that provides healthcare programs for employers, and research firm Savanta said 43% of the employers it polled could cover GLP-1 drugs in 2024 compared to 25% that cover them now.

For Novo Nordisk, Ozempic is the game changer that has propelled the company to new heights, but mastering the supplies of its semaglutide drugs, especially Wegovy, is the current challenge.

The market opportunity for the drug is huge in the world’s most populous country, where obesity rates are high especially among women. Illegal copycat versions of Wegovy are already being sold through online sites.