The market opportunity for the drug is huge in the world’s most populous country, where obesity rates are high especially among women. Illegal copycat versions of Wegovy are already being sold through online sites.

The US Food and Drug Administration received more than 250 reports of patients experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviors while taking Ozempic or similar medicines since 2010, Reuters found in an examination of the FDA’s adverse-event database.

Ypsomed said it would expand its manufacturing capacities over the coming years, with Novo Nordisk contributing a significant part of the investment for the additional production infrastructure.

Reuters was not immediately able to authenticate the report. Novo Nordisk declined to comment on the report, but said in an emailed statement that the site was “running and producing for the market”.

It’s summer 2023. By now, many of us have “emerged”, as they say. We are getting out and about and making up for the lost time of the past three years. And much of this progress is thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines and treatments from Pfizer, BioNTech, and Moderna, which played a major role in helping us put the pandemic in the rearview mirror.

The struggle to satisfy demand means Novo could lose out on market share to a string of competitors working on weight-loss therapies similar to Wegovy, vying for a slice of a market estimated to be worth as much as $100 billion by the end of the decade.

The Wegovy drugmaker said it expects the acquisition to be completed in 2023 provided that unspecified development and commercial milestones are met.

Novo Nordisk said on Tuesday a large late-stage study showed its obesity drug Wegovy had a clear medical benefit, in addition to weight loss, boosting the Danish drugmaker’s hopes of moving beyond Wegovy’s image as a lifestyle drug.

The suit claims the companies “downplayed the severity of the gastrointestinal events caused by Ozempic and Mounjaro” and never warned patients about the possibility of gastroparesis—a slowdown or stopping of the digestive system—or gastroenteritis, an infection and inflammation of the digestive system.

The doctors are increasingly prescribing the popular weight-loss drug Wegovy to patients who gain weight from medicines used to treat mental disorders, such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, according to Reuters interviews with ten prescribers across the country.