In May 2023, the menopause drug received FDA approval for treating moderate to severe symptoms. Astellas said in Thursday’s announcement that the late-stage results “will support health technology assessment and reimbursement dossiers throughout Europe.”

According to Sage Therapeutics, U.S. wholesalers are expected to pay almost $16,000 for the full 14-day treatment.

A judge in Kansas on Monday blocked a state law requiring healthcare providers to tell patients that medication abortion can be reversed and that abortion is linked to breast cancer while he considers a legal challenge to the law by abortion providers and Planned Parenthood.

Let’s think of this Barbie phenomenon as a catalyst to put women’s health and well-being at the forefront. How can we, as pharma marketers, keep the momentum going?

Mifepristone’s legal saga continues as the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled for steep restrictions on the drug’s access, though its effectivity is pending the Supreme Court’s review.

The FDA’s decision to decline the drug’s approval for a much larger cohort of patients with clinical depression, along with strict safety warnings for its use in PPD, is still a “strike against (Biogen’s) management”, Baird analyst Brian Skorney said.

Having access to an oral medication will be a beneficial option for many of women coping with PPD and having extreme, and sometimes life-threatening, feelings, says the FDA.

The daily contraceptive Opill, sold by Perrigo, was first approved for prescription use in 1973, and the over-the-counter approval clears the way for people to obtain it without first seeing a healthcare provider.

21GRAMS is helping Moons, a company that sells period products, in its goal to make menstruation a more positive experience for menstruators by giving them a role in stem cell research.

Topics related to women’s health may not be comfortable for all, but these are our bodies, our realities, and our truths, therefore they need to be addressed.