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NEW YORK, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Tap Native, the Web’s leading health focused native ad platform and traffic exchange, has announced the release of its Priority Targeting system allowing healthcare marketers to display native and content style advertising contextually within condition specific content and websites as well as to specific genders.

Tap Native’s technology now fully categorizes every website and individual content URL within its growing network of health and medical publishers. After the first impression of a unique URL, Tap Native’s technology scans the content of the page and categorizes the content using its taxonomy of over 200 therapeutic categories and demographic tags. 

Advertisers can now target their ad, content or offer to appear with specific types of content and sites such as diabetes, weight loss, pregnancy and childbirth, hair loss and heartburn. The Priority Targeting system takes direction from advertisers by prioritizing offers by site focus, exact content matches and related content matches.  

Tap Native’s publishers include general health sites, drug reference sites, forums, associations, medical societies, non-profits, condition specific sites, diet and fitness sites and more”, said Rafael Cosentino, VP of Business Development at Tap Native. “Consumer audience targeting through things like programmatic is great, but in healthcare context isjust as important if not more important to drive results and conversions. Someone reading about diabetes is highly likely to have diabetes or know somebody afflicted. In addition, healthcare advertising as a regulated industry errs on the side of being conservative and follows industry guidelines such as not retargeting audience based on specific conditions such as cancer, sexual health and mental health. This is exactly why our Priority Targeting system is an ideal way for marketers to reach targetconsumer audiences at the precise moment they’re consuming specific health information”.

General health marketers who target more broadly can simply allow Tap Native’s optimization algorithms to find those pockets of audiences who are most responsive to their offers. Both options are now fully functional and available to advertisers and their agencies in a self-serve platform.

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Tap Native is the Web’s leading health, wellness and medical native advertising platform. Tap Native connects premium healthcare advertisers with an affluent audience at the very moment they’re consuming health information. Tap Native utilizes a new generation technology stack which relies on a medical taxonomy and dynamic algorithms to connect content, brand and performance advertisers to audiences based on site content, historic data and user behavior, while optimizing toward ROI goals for advertisers. With 100% fill rates, Tap Native has created a top tier monetization product for publishers of health information making ads on health-related pages vastly more credible and relevant for consumers and healthcare professionals and far more valuable to the bottom line. More at

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