The Bloc continues growth momentum, uniting with Page & Page to advance global health communications excellence in the UK and beyond

The Bloc

The Bloc continues growth momentum, uniting with Page & Page to advance global health communications excellence in the UK and beyond

NEW YORK, Feb. 15, 2024 – Amidst a remarkable growth tear marked by strategic acquisitions, partnerships, and the recruitment of notable industry talent, The Bloc, a leading global health-native communications agency, is proud to announce their newest Member Page & Page, a prestigious healthcare communication firm based in London. This latest collaboration aims to further enhance The Bloc’s presence in the U.K. marketing and medical communications market, building on its leadership position in global health communication.

Stephen Page, Co-Founder of Page & Page, highlights the synergy between the two firms, stating, “We have a very clear reason for why being associated with and belonging to The Bloc’s wider family is so important for Page & Page. Great minds think alike, and change begins with a belief in better. Around the world, healthcare needs to evolve. More people will benefit from more medicine if innovation reaches the market more efficiently. Our business is about creativity that alerts key target audiences to engaging content, inspiring different behaviors. We see these goals as deeply rooted in the community around The Bloc. Together, we can create waves and drive change.”

Jennifer Matthews, President and CEO of The Bloc, shared insights into the partnership, stating, “Joining forces with Page & Page marks a significant milestone in our strategic evolution. It’s inspiring to see the growth and development of The Bloc as we strive to make a meaningful difference in the healthcare communications landscape. Our commitment goes beyond data and science; it’s anchored in a profound understanding of patient and healthcare narratives, aiming for real-world impact. Partnering with Page & Page, we are ready to introduce cutting-edge solutions that will lead to meaningful advancements in global health outcomes.”

The partnership between The Bloc and Page & Page brings together Page & Page’s unique blend of data-driven strategies and imaginative solutions with The Bloc’s extensive global network, creating an ideal synergy for advancing healthcare communications. This collaboration is a testament to their shared commitment to raising the bar in the industry, aiming to generate substantial and meaningful impact. As they unite their strengths, they not only reinforce their dedication to excellence but also to innovating within the medical communications space, offering clients and talent superior solutions across various markets. For those interested in learning more about how this partnership is shaping the future of health communication, visit

About Page & Page

Page & Page is dedicated to harnessing its expert knowledge in healthcare communication to empower individuals to lead healthier lives. With a distinctive blend of data, scientific insight, and creative imagination, P&P stands out in crafting impactful campaigns. PIRL is at the heart of its strategy, a proprietary AI platform supported by exceptional professionals, including scientists, strategists, art directors, designers, and writers. This blend of innovative technology and human expertise, along with a tried-and-true process, positions Page & Page not just to excel but to lead in the global healthcare communication arena. Discover more at

About The Bloc

The Bloc is the only true global health-native agency that uniquely offers the most effective behavioral-based communications platform, BE-COMMs, for global health marketing and medical communications. Celebrating 23 years of excellence, The Bloc stands out as the most-awarded privately owned health creative agency. Its unique and innovative approach integrates local knowledge with data-driven behavioral science, embodied in the BE-COMMs platform, to enhance global strategies, creative impact, customer engagement, and successful outcomes. Discover more about The Bloc’s transformative health communications at

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