The Bloc ignites global growth: announces strategic acquisitions and new partnerships

The Bloc

The Bloc ignites global growth: announces strategic acquisitions and new partnerships

NEW YORK, NY, September 28, 2023 – Today, The Bloc, the most-awarded privately owned health creative agency, announces a new global vision and strategic plan designed to reinforce its industry leadership and accelerate its growth. With this ambitious initiative, The Bloc is embarking on a global expansion journey, leveraging strategic acquisitions, joint ventures, and other growth strategies to unify and extend its brand, aiming to provide unparalleled service to clients worldwide. This plan is crafted to solidify The Bloc’s position as a premier global player, delivering top-tier health communications on an international scale.

To strengthen and unify its global footprint and value proposition, The Bloc is making a series of strategic acquisitions and partnerships beginning in Europe, outlined as follows:

  • The Bloc establishes The Bloc in Germany, the largest European market, through a joint venture with Serviceplan Group, Europe’s biggest independent, owner-managed agency group.
  • The Bloc has strategically acquired thenewway, the largest health communications agency serving the Italian market. Based in Milan, the agency has grown rapidly by expanding its capabilities across medical communications, promotional brand communications and market access.
  • The Bloc announces the acquisition of X-Ray, the largest full-service health creative agency in Switzerland, to harness their proven ability to bring innovation and advanced digital solutions to local and regional clients.

These acquisitions and partnerships ensure a seamless presence under The Bloc brand across North America and Europe, built upon successful, years-long collaborations. The goal is to provide clients and talent with a world-class agency experience — delivering innovative promotional, medical communications, and market access solutions across global, regional, and local markets. A cornerstone of The Bloc’s value proposition is “Be-Comms,” their applied behavioral science approach delivered via comprehensive omnichannel engagement solutions to ensure more effective results for clients’ brands.

The Bloc’s mission to ‘Be great to do good’ continually pushes the agency to challenge convention and embrace innovation. The Bloc’s nimble, entrepreneurial model offers a compelling alternative to both “top-down” multinational conglomerates and independent agencies with no global presence.  The agency will continue to offer its full suite of capabilities across member agencies and strategic partners in more than 30 additional markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.  

“The progressive strategy isn’t just about scaling our presence—it’s about amplifying the impact we can make in healthcare communications around the world. We are pioneering a fresh, powerful approach that sets a new standard for creativity and effectiveness, reaching beyond the boundaries of continents,” says Susan Miller, Co-Founder of The Bloc.

In addition to the joint venture and acquisitions, The Bloc has unveiled dynamic new branding that mirrors its transformative vision and goals. Jennifer Matthews, President and CEO of The Bloc, emphasizes the significance of this new branding, stating, “Our reimagined brand identity represents the evolution of The Bloc and underscores our unwavering commitment to providing clients with unparalleled global solutions grounded in data and behavioral science.”

As part of The Bloc’s expansion, the agency will introduce new proprietary offerings, expand its capabilities, and implement a revised sales and new business strategy.  To learn more about The Bloc’s innovative approach as a global health communications agency and stay updated on the latest developments, please visit and refer to our press kit for additional information and visuals.

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The Bloc is the only true global health-native agency that uniquely offers the most effective behavioral based communications platform for global health marketing and medical communications.  Celebrating 23 years as the most-awarded privately owned health creative agency,The Bloc’s unique and innovative approach combines local knowledge with data-driven behavioral science expertise to enhance global strategies, creative impact, customer engagement, and successful outcomes. For more information, visit

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